DMV Caribbean Scene — Fetes for the Summer

As a resident of Washington, DC over the last 9 years, there has always been a major part of my culture missing here — to the extent that I would routinely (2x a month) return to Brooklyn, NY for my fix of roti, corn soup and soca fetes.

I’m not sure if more West Indians are moving to the area or promoters have noticed that there is a demand for Caribbean culture but it has most certainly picked up. From finding soursop ice cream at the Caribbean Market in Takoma Park to whining to the side on private beaches, my need for soca might be met in the DMV this summer.

May 30th, my friends and I decided to take a chance and attend SPLASH DMV on a private beach in Annapolis. This being DC, my expectations were not what I’d expect out of a NYC party because those parties are way more crowded, DJs play more current soca and the vibes is way different.

But to my surprise, we walked in, and I was pleased to see the venue location. We were greeted with cups for our drinks, (like most island promoters do) and two different caterers serving Trini delectables such as, doubles, chicken paleau, bake and shark and bake and salt-fish. We even have a video of the event for you, DUCKING IT!

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Upcoming Events

Here are some great fetes to look forward to in DC in June.  Including Hookie Pool Party! Get your tickets as soon as possible.

Yours in Carnival

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 10.30.39 AM


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