Six Soca Heavy Party Weekends to Check Out in 2020

What is amazing about carnival time are the fetes and soca we get to indulge in prior to hitting the road. The decor at fetes, food and the vibes makes carnival all the more enjoyable. Well if you’re looking for that same euphoric feeling at a cheaper price point, fete filled weekends are where it’s at. Here are [6] Soca filled Weekends for you to check out in 2020.

Fame Weekend, March 2020 

Where: Miami, Florida

Dates: March 20-22, 2020

Fame Weekend was birthed as both a cure to carnival tabanca after Trinidad Carnival as well as having a Caribbean presence during Miami Music Week. During the weekend there will be a breakfast fete, Hybrid/Scorch infamous Big Phat Block Party and a pool party to close off the weekend’s festivities. It’s a busy time in Miami then so start looking for your hotel accommodations and car rental early.

Best Escape Ever, April 2020

Where: Bequia

Dates: April 9-13, 2020

Looking for plans for Easter Weekend, here’s an option. Taking place on the beautiful island of Bequia (St.Vincent & the Grenadines), the Best Escape Ever is for carnival and soca lovers who want to party in paradise. There’s an event for all kinds of soca lovers.

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Ibiza Soca Festival, May 2020 

Where: Ibiza, Spain 

Dates: May 7-11, 2020 

Back for the fourth year, Ibiza Soca Festival brings the best in Caribbean culture to the party capital of the world. What’s not to love about partying in Ibiza’s sun, drinking rum and dancing to the sweetest soca songs?

Hookie Weekend, June 2020 

Where: Washington DC

Dates: June 25-28, 2020 

Hookie Life is a promotion group based in Washington, DC that decided to bring back some semblance of “carnival” to the DMV area since the carnival parade was moved to Baltimore. Hookie Carnival weekend kicks off with a free fete and concludes with THE ROAD! It’s not really carnival-carnival, but you get to wear an old costume and chip behind a big truck.

Jamaica Heroes Weekend, October 2020 

Where: Ocho Rios, Jamaica 

Dates: October 16-18, 2020

Taking place in Ocho Rios Jamaica, Event curators bring us a sexy weekend of vibes, premium booze, and soca on the beautiful beaches of Ochie. There are several hotels to choose from but make sure you look for some good deals. Events to look out for are “The Great Weekend’s” Rock the Boat and Allure’s Breakfast Fete.


Ubersoca Cruise, November 2020 

Where: Belize and Mexico 

Dates: November 9-19, 2020 

Known for their non-step fetes aboard a cruise line, Ubersoca Cruise is headed to Belize & Mexico in 2020 with their vibes, soca superstars and jouvert! Ubersoca is said to fuse the experience of carnival and pump in one convenient location.

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