Globey’s Faves: A Christmas Gift Guide ($70usd & Below)

Hi Loves! 

Can you believe it’s Christmas season already?! I love Christmas! Here’s a listicle of ideas or Christmas gifts! 

This gift guide is a listicle of all my favorite things that I regularly indulge in that you to might enjoy. 

If you follow me on Instagram, then you will recognize some of the items I personally have at home. Your friends and loved ones will love their gifts this year. 

Bougie Parfum Candles

I know you might be like, why would I spend $20 on a candle when I can get 3 for $20 elsewhere, but the truth is, ‘bougie candles’ last longer and are highly fragrant. You can burn it for much longer and the fragrance will spread through your entire living space. Some of my Diptyque candles have been in my home for a year. Treat yourself. Here are some of my favorite bougie candles.


To know me, is to know I love tea and will travel with my tea bags if I don’t think the tea I love is available. Below you will find tea sets for one – your own personal tea kettle, tea cup and saucer. How cute are these? I get at least three cups of tea from my tea set.

Champagne Flutes & More

I love wine and champagne glasses! Here is a list of some of my favorite glasses and decanters. Entertaining at home will be glorious with one of these items.  


Skincare is near and dear to me! 2020 has given me even more opportunity to be patient with my skin and taking care of it. These are some of the items that have helped me along the way!

PS: Sunscreen is needed year round 

Robes & Pajamas

Faux Fur

Fall/Winter is about laying and being stylish and you could not be more stylish with your own faux fur! 

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