Planning to Attend Bermuda Carnival 2023? Here’s What You Need to Know

Carnival in Bermuda is an annual event held on the third weekend in June in Bermuda. One of the fastest carnivals around the world, it is what I consider the perfect balance of rejuvenation and bacchanal. The island is gorgeous and known for their pink sand beaches with undeniable vibes and the largest beach raft up. You can come party then relax on island immediately after. 

Carnival in Bermuda Dates

Carnival festivities occur during June 14-18, 2024. If you are looking to play mas with established bands and revel in the streets, that experience will be hosted by Bermuda Mas Band Association. Their ‘Revel De Road‘ masquerader experience is set to occur on June 17th, as well as a host of other fetes and activities during the long weekend. For those of you bundling PTO, you will have to take Monday, June 17th off. The parade kicks off at 10AM and typically concludes by 8PM.

Flying Into Bermuda  

Make arrangements to fly into Bermuda. The airport code is BDA. While only few cities have direct flights, it doesn’t take that long to get there. The beach view landing is certainly worth it.

When: June 14 – 18, 2024. Airport Code: BDA

Where to Stay & Transportation

Bermuda is drive-able (only 21 sq miles) and events are island-wide so no location is too far. Airbnb is also an option if a hotel reservation will not fit your needs. Bermuda is extremely westernized and safe, so restaurants and transportation are in abundance. Regarding transportation, I have done everything from renting a twizy,  to hiring a personal taxi to depending on my Bermudian friends for a lift. There is an option for all. 

I have stayed at Grotto Bay Beach Resort, Newstead Belmont Hills and Fairmont Southampton (now closed). Grotto Bay had more modern elements while Newstead had a traditional feel and came with a mini kitchenette.

Some hotels to check out are:

Where to Party

There are a plethora of events taking place during the long weekend. Evolve will kick off carnival Thursday, followed by staple events like Raft Up (yacht link up), Euphoria (beach party), and GLOW (premium all white). Ptix is a great resource for on-island event tickets.  

Costume Band Options

While there are only three bands, they offer a range of options – there is a costume for everyone. Party People is the largest of the bands and serve the most delicious pies at lunch stop, I am looking forward to eating those again. These are the bands you have to choose from:

Touristy Things to Check Out 

Indulge in an authentic “Dark n Stormy”, “Rum Swizzle” or  “Bermuda Triangle” cocktail at a local pub or scenic hotel lounge

  • Explore the historic town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Tour the Crystal & Fantasy Caves
  • St. Peter’s Church, a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • The Unfinished Church, a gothic structure left unfinished due to lack of funds. Visit the ruins for free
  • Lime with locals on the weekend at Clearwater Beach 

I fell in love with Bermuda during my first visit in 2017 and I am so happy to be returning.

 Feel free to read more about my personal experience in Bermuda. See you there!

Yours in Mas

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