Virtual Fetes, Soca & Art – Here’s How We Can Pass The Time During CoronaVirus

You miss normalcy.. I know, me too! 2020 has been unlike anything we have ever experienced and yet here we are going through it. I could be pessimistic and say that things may never get better but let’s be optimistic here and play with the idea that we will soon be back at brunch, the malls, […]

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Carnival Fitness: Getting Your Body Road Ready

I am not a fitness instructor, I repeat, I AM NOT a fitness instructor, but I’ve been asked by a lot of people to help them or give some insight into the process of preparing for the road. Those of you who are headed to Trinidad Carnival 2020,  it’s crunch time, you have 100 DAYS […]

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Get Carnival Fit with Perfect 4rm Fitness!

Carnival is happening every month, and at this point, I’m sure you know you need proper stamina for all that feting. More importantly, you want to look good in your costume. Darren, owner of Perfect 4rm Fitness helped me out by preparing some workouts for us! Crop Over is in 35 Days!! Let’s get Fit! […]

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