5 Small Island Carnivals to Visit in 2020

Hey there Carnivalists! 2019 was the year of the small island carnival for me. If you would like to try a new carnival experience that has it’s own flair from what you’ve tried in the past, this list is for you. Otherwise, it’s just an overview of the carnivals to check out. St. Kitts (Sugar […]

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Antigua Carnival 2019: Myst Carnival & Top Shelf Events

Myst Carnival 2019

Can you believe it? It was only a week ago I was jamming down Factory Road singing OOH Tanya at the highest octave possible, now I’m typing about my experience. In January, Top Shelf Events and I partnered to market, and push the Antiguan Carnival Experience. I’m happy I got to see with my own […]

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Planning for Antigua Carnival 2019

Antigua Carnival is on my must attend list for 2019. The land of 365 beaches, I am truly excited for all the beach parties, and  vibes. Known as the “Greatest Summer Festival“, Antigua promises to dazzle us this summer. So I am here to assist with your planning, if you decided to go. Since I […]

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An Inside Look: Myst Carnival Band for Antigua Carnival 2019

Known for their vibes, Myst Carnival launched their 2019 presentation for Antigua Carnival. The theme is Twelve, as Myst is celebrating 12 years on the road. I was able to talk with their reps to find out what we can look forward to in their 12th year. What makes Myst stand out? Sexy costumes, beautiful […]

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Band Launch: Insane Carnival Launches for Antigua Carnival 2019

Insane Carnival did a bold thing and launched their costume presentation while some of us were busy wining in Trinidad but daiz small ting. We’re just in time, as registration is now open and we can look at feathers with price points in mind. The theme this year is ‘AFRICA – Return to the Motherland’. […]

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Why Antigua Carnival should be on your list for 2019.

Hi Carnivalists, Having done, what is considered large carnivals several times (Trinidad Carnival, Jamaica Carnival and Crop Over), I wanted to focus on other carnivals this year. There are several to check out but the island that stood out most is Antigua. Regarded as the Greatest Caribbean Summer Festival, Antigua Carnival is a celebration of […]

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