Band Launch: Insane Carnival Launches for Antigua Carnival 2019

Insane Carnival did a bold thing and launched their costume presentation while some of us were busy wining in Trinidad but daiz small ting. We’re just in time, as registration is now open and we can look at feathers with price points in mind.

The theme this year is ‘AFRICA – Return to the Motherland’. Each section is tied to that theme by name, color, and accessories. Prices range from $460usd for backline to about $980usd for frontline.  I personally love Nefertiti.

This year, Insane Carnival has stepped their game up not only with their costume design and production but by also introducing overseas marketers for a few of their sections. Trauma Unit out of NYC, Caribbean Beauties and the popular Bajan Tube brand are all section marketers.

That said, if you sign up with YAT Concierge to plan your trip to Antigua Carnival, you can get a discount on your costume with Insane so don’t stick!

What do you think ?

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