An Inside Look: Myst Carnival Band for Antigua Carnival 2019

Known for their vibes, Myst Carnival launched their 2019 presentation for Antigua Carnival. The theme is Twelve, as Myst is celebrating 12 years on the road. I was able to talk with their reps to find out what we can look forward to in their 12th year.

What makes Myst stand out?

Sexy costumes, beautiful masqueraders, unlimited premium drinks, non stop energy and vibes and most of all, unmatched customer service.

What is the best part of the road with Myst? 

First off, it is 2 full days of mas. Monday mas is the unrestricted, inhibiting day of mas without the costumes and backpacks. This is where you whine like you mad and and get on bad! Climb a wall if you want or whine on the police. Tuesday is where you still get on bad but look pretty while doing it.

Myst carnival pampers its masqueraders on the road. From air condition mobile restrooms, to refresher stations, to cold towels, to mobile cool zones, to your favorite international artist suddenly appearing on the music truck… it just doesn’t stop. We are full of on- the- road surprises!

What DJs will be on the road with Myst for 2019?  

Myst Carnival entertainment as per usual will be full of surprises and celebrities. Over the years, Myst has had a star-studded entertainment line up to include the likes of Skinny Fabulous, Patrice Roberts, Kerwin Dubois and DJ like Wassy One and Spice. This year, the entertainment will be hype as usual! Enough said…

Can you let us know who you plan on having on the design team?

{I would not want to name them}  But I would say this: Our designers are a mix of local and international designs who continue to push the envelope to come up with trendy, out of the box color combinations, mixes of fabrics and modern designs.  If you travel to many carnivals, your Myst Carnival will most likely be the one, you want to take back home with you and keep!

What are you looking forward to for Antigua Carnival 2019? 

Myst 2019, promises to be our best season yet.  Season 12  will be our best of the best.  We will spare no effort in ensuring that your Myst experience is fun and memorable.  We will deliver, best in class entertainment, food, drinks, costumes and memories to last a lifetime.

Now it’s time to choose my costume. Registration should be open soon

Yours in Mas, 

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