Virtual Fetes, Soca & Art – Here’s How We Can Pass The Time During CoronaVirus

You miss normalcy.. I know, me too! 2020 has been unlike anything we have ever experienced and yet here we are going through it. I could be pessimistic and say that things may never get better but let’s be optimistic here and play with the idea that we will soon be back at brunch, the malls, happy hour and most importantly, CARNIVAL!


So how are you spending your days “social distancing” ? Personally, I have been doing work [for my actual career], taking walks outdoors, lots of self-care [omg I miss the spa], reading and practicing makeup looks. While I have always enjoyed the downtime of being in my house when I am not traveling, being FORCED to do it, does not feel the same. I feel like I am on punishment, plus all of these carnivals being postponed is only adding fuel to my punishment. (but better safe than sorry).

Back to how we’re spending our days… a few of us are fortunate enough to work from home. Some of you are not, so please be cautious and of course be safe! For those of you at home, there are a few things you can do [beside work or even after work] to help you pass by the time. Nothing will be like going outside but hopefully these help.

If you miss the arts

Google Arts & Culture teamed up with over 2,500 museums and galleries to put together some virtual tours and online exhibits of some of the most famous museums around the world. You can checkout some here:

You can find more on virtual concerts, operas and zoos here

If you miss bonding with friends

  • Virtual Cookout – create a menu & you all create the same dish
  • Drinking Game – pick a movie/show & buzz word, every time the word is said on the movie/show, take a shot
  • Scavenger Hunt – someone picks an object and everyone has [let’s say 30 seconds] to find it in their own house

If you feel like working out

You may not even feel like it, but if you do

If you want a new soca mix

If you want a new show to binge watch

FYI – Netflix launched “Netflix Party” so you can watch shows/movies with your friends. What’s better about this, is that it pairs the show so you’re watching it in real time. PS: You need to do this through Chrome!

For documentary lovers: 

  • ZeroZeroZero – Prime Video
  • Dirty Money – Netflix
  • McMillions – HBO

Other Good Shows: 

  • Blood & Water – Netflix
  • Sex Education – Netflix 
  • Little Fires Everywhere – Hulu 
  • The Good Place – Netflix
  • Ozark – Netflix 
  • White Lines – Netflix 
  • Insecure – HBO
  • Money Heist – Netflix 
  • Billions – ShowTime 
  • Succession – HBO

If you miss fetes

More importantly, take care of yourself mentally, take a walk outside [of course stay away from crowds] if you can and stay positive.

Until the next carnival, or blog post.

Yours in Mas,

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2 thoughts on “Virtual Fetes, Soca & Art – Here’s How We Can Pass The Time During CoronaVirus

  1. Thanks Globey. Great article as usual. Every minute I thank Jah Jah I at least got Dominica carnival cause right now things are crucial. Let’s stay safe until we can jam together again.

    I ready for all virtual fete! Actually having a virtual happy hour with my gals tomorrow. We quarantined but we going strong. Be well!

    1. I feel the same way about going to at least one carnival! Virtual HH with the girls sounds fun! Enjoy and be safe babe ❤️

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