Global Carnivalist Travels: Dominica

This is certainly a flash back post since my last trip to this island was in 2013.

There’s so much to see but I  must admit it’s a quiet island. If you love lush mountains, outdoor activities (surfing, sailing, hiking, anything to do with nature) you will LOVE it here. It is one of the most untouched islands left in the Caribbean and for good reason. It’s gem are the 365 rivers and scenic views. I haven’t been able to uncover every corner of this country but I intend to one day.

I stayed in Roseau, which is Dominica’s capital. I say capital lightly, most things close at 7pm, so late night snacks and fast food is usually a no go until a Thursday night. Locals are out and about for the weekend, hanging out “in town”, near the bayfront or whatever hip hang out is happening. Most times that will be at someone’s home so I can see how this could be off putting for a tourist. But you’re here to bask in the sun and greenery not drink yourself under a bus (unless it’s carnival time lol)

First stop for us was Trafalgar falls. Foreigners pay $5 XCD (prices may have increased) to enter and there is a small trail to the actual water fall. Hidden behind large rocks and a heavy current, this waterfall is gorgeous and powerful.


The next activity was touring the Indian River. It reminded me of the everglades almost because of the cloudy color but none the less, it can be very romantic being steered on the Indian River and then enjoying the sunset.


These next stops are going to be fused together because really you can get a lot done in one day. We visited Champagne Beach (it’s naturally warm and bubbles up)  and Anchorage Dive Center because they’re within 15 minutes of each other. We enjoyed the beach before AND after our whale watching tour. (Sadly, we saw no whales)

And lastly my absolute favorite spot is Screws Spa in Wotten Waven. The owner created sulphur pools with different temperatures (but all natural — comes from the earth). It’s open until 10pm at night so you can get to enjoy it at any time. It’s since changed since these pictures but it truly is the best that the earth has to offer.


Several places aren’t listed here because the pictures weren’t worthy but if you want to see a black sand beach, Mero Beach is a good spot to visit. The Sulphur pool in Soufiere is also another earth “sulphur” pool that we visited. Boiling lake and Morne Diablotins (the highest mountain in Dominica) are some great places to hike to. That said, add Dominica to your list! World Creole Festival is another great reason to visit!

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