Miami Carnival 2022: The Fete List & Things to Know!

Hello Carnivalists!

Let’s talk about Miami Carnival. I know some people have mixed feelings about Miami but I find it to be the sweet ending to the carnival season. You get a culmination of all the soca hits from each carnival, renewed energy and it’s the most cost effective of all carnivals. Whether this is your first time or 10th time, the Miami Carnival festivities can be fun.  Here’s a list of 3 things you absolutely need to know

  • The parade will take place on October 8, 2023
    • For the people who are not playing mas, the Miami Carnival parade will take place at Miami Dade Fair Grounds — 10901 SW 24 St • Miami, FL 33165. You can pay $50usd to enter the grounds and spectate
  • The ideal location to stay would be Brickell or Miami Beach. Most of the fetes are held nearby these neighborhoods.
  • If you choose to participate in the parade and play mas, choose a band not only based on the look of the costumes but their reputation and customer service. What good is a pretty costume if the band usually has production issues?
    • I highly recommend Revel Nation as a premium choice for Miami Carnival.  Checkout this Miami Carnival Review for feedback on other bands.

Where to Party? 

*The Miami Carnival 2023 Guide is now available*

Wednesday, October 5

9PM – Good Vibes Only – Purchase tickets here

Thursday, October 6

1PM – Paradise Miami, Pool Party – Purchase tickets here 

3PM – Hookie Miami – Purchase tickets here 

4PM – Arrivals – Purchase tickets here

5PM – Yum Yum Land Miami – Purchase tickets here

9PM – Tribe Ignite Miami – stay tuned

9PM – Juss Reach – stay tuned

9PM – Carnival Lyfe $2 Fete – Purchase tickets here

9PM – Entice Miami – Purchase tickets here

Friday, October 7

7AM – Rum & Music Cruizin’ Miami – stay tuned

8AM – Medz Miami – Purchase tickets here

10AM – Splash Cooler Wet Fete – Purchase tickets here

12PM – Soca Y Sol – Purchase tickets here 

12PM – Miami Shorts & Shades Boatride – Purchase tickets here

1PM – Citrus All Inclusive – Purchase tickets here

2PM – Carnival Lyfe Foam Fete – Purchase tickets here

3PM – Scorch Duck Work – Purchase tickets here

3PM – Tipsy Miami

3PM – Brunch and Soca Miami

6PM – Miami Shorts & Shades Boatride II – Purchase tickets here

8PM – Vaval ‘Kooler’ Miami

9PM – Soca or Die Miami – Purchase tickets here

9PM – Big Phat Fish (Globey recommended)- Purchase tickets here

9PM – Carnival Lyfe Aske – Purchase tickets here

9PM – Fete Land

9PM – Ice Green and Gold Paint & Powder fete – Purchase tickets here

Saturday, October 8

5AM – Vale Vibe Breakfast Party

7AM – Dutty Revel Jouvert (Globey recommended) – Purchase tickets here 

2PM – Carnival Lyfe Pool Party – Purchase tickets here 

3PM – Soca Brainwash, Drinks Inclusive – This event is sold out

9PM – Viva La Carnival (Globey recommended)- Purchase tickets here

9PM – Scorch and Spice – Purchase tickets here

10PM – Flag Fest – Purchase tickets here 

Sunday, October 9

9AM – 12AM  – Carnival Day – I’ll be on the road with Revel Nation Carnival 

3PM – Detour

8PM – Endless Jam

9PM – Indulge Beach Cooler Fete – Purchase tickets here 

Monday, October 10

3PM – Baywatch Miami, Poolside – Purchase tickets here

3PM – Bacchanal Monday (Globey recommended) – Purchase tickets here

3PM – Glasshouse Miami (Globey recommended) – Purchase tickets here

9PM – Whine Down, Last Lap – Purchase tickets here 

9PM – Soca Sex & Alcohol Miami

Tuesday, October 11

12PM – Bend Miami ($60usd) – Purchase tickets here


Fetes will be added as they become available. Bookmark this page and check back with us regularly.

Yours in Mas


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  1. Miami is always a good time. I’ve played with One Island and I had a great time. The only annoying thing was how unorganized the costume pick up situation was. If you have the opportunity I’d also recommend the Uber Soca cruise it was AMAZING. In 2023 they will have dates in April and November.

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