Last Minute Monday Wear Ideas for Trinidad Carnival

Carnival Monday might be fast approaching, but there’s still enough time for one final trip to some virtual racks. Bring your favorite carnivalista fishnet, a coordinated bag and your favorite sunscreen  to slay the road. 

The clock is ticking, so scroll down for all of my last minute Monday Wear picks. 

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Keisha Als

Sexy and colorful, you still have the option to order your Tropix Swim Monday Wear (MW). MW will be picked up in Trinidad & Tobago. Order details


Asos is reliable and has fast shipping. Find yourself a sexy cut-out swimwear with matching accessories and your Monday wear look is complete. 

Sequin & Metallic Bikinis

Monday Wear is simply glam bikini wear, so why not elevate your look with a sequin or metallic bikini. Oseree has some fashionable pieces you could wear on the road

Kaiso Karni

Sister brand of Kaiso Swim, the brand is offering some modish options for both men and women, you could even match your bae. Your MW will be picked up in Trinidad & Tobago. Order details


Accessorize It

Don’t see anything you like? Dress up your boring swimwear with body chains and other bedazzling accessories. Click image for more

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