Planning for Trinidad Carnival 2017

You know something? While I’m melting in the sun in Trinidad, I’m always thinking I can do without this heat — “i eh playing mas next year” LOL (yeh right) and then band launch dates come out, we review pictures and it’s like.. YES!! WE DEY! Mas in Trinidad next year! But the happiest and most […]

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COSTUMES: Island People Mas for Trinidad 2016

The last big band launched August 22 for the season. Island People Mas celebrated 25 years of success this year. For 2016 they presented us with Pantheon — The Guardians. I personally love Guardian of Love — which is your favorite? And will you play with Island People this year. They have top notch vibes during […]

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Trinidad Carnival 2014: A Review of IslandPeople Mas

Greetings! This was my very first year playing with IP and while having done all my research, I was told they had the most vibes. Below is my review.    REGISTRATION I was so excited when IP launched that I was one of the very first to register. However, my section’s designer, Sonia Mack was […]

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