Caribana 2018: A Review of Carnival Nationz by Wanna’s World

If you stopped by yesterday, you had a chance to read some Caribana 2018 feedback from masqueraders, good, bad and ugly. Wanna, of Wanna’s World, also had her own story to tell, to shed some light on the headache that was Caribana 2018. Here’s what I asked Wanna. COSTUME PICKUP Was costume pickup day organized?  […]

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BAND LAUNCH: Carnival Nationz Launches for Caribana 2016

Carnivalists! The time we were all waiting for FINALLY happened last night, April 30, when team Carnival Nationz finally put us out of our misery. We were concerned with the lack of “wow” factor all the other bands had this year for Caribana. Carnival Nationz WOWED us with their “Nest” theme. We love so many […]

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Caribana 2015: A Review of Carnival Nationz

Wooo!! Let me just say, this is my second time attending Caribana but this time was TRULY amazing! I used what I learned the previous time and used it to my advantage. Hopefully this review will help you too. REGISTRATION: Registration was VERY easy! Carnival Nationz launched, about two weeks later, their costumes were posted […]

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