Jamaica Carnival 2018: A Review of Xaymaca International

Myst Carnival 2019

My throat is sore from singing soca lyrics in front of truck speakers, my right heel is sore from wearing heels for hours, but guess who wouldn’t change it ? of course me. Jamaica Carnival 2018 was heavily promoted, if you are an avid reader of globalcarnivalist.com, I mentioned in 2015 that this carnival would bloom […]

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Jamaica Carnival 2017: A Review of Xaymaca International

The highly anticipated and coveted Xaymaca International, came and conquered on April 23, during Jamaica Carnival 2017. Unlike years prior, Jamaica Carnival saw an influx of two new bands, Xaymaca being on one of them; carnival chasers had their hands filled with choosing the best band that would have brought them the most vibes while […]

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Jamaica Carnival 2015: Review of Bacchanal Jamaica

Jamaica is climbing it’s way to the top of the list as a Carnival destination and I’m here to tell you why some of this is true and where there is room for improvement. THE PARTIES In our Why You Should Attend Jamaica Carnival post we listed a few must attend events if you were going to […]

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