What you need to know about Majesty Carnival Band for St.Kitts Carnival 2020

Did you know you could bring in the New Year ON the road for Carnival? St. Kitts Carnival better known as Sugar Mas, takes places every year on January 1 and 2. According to the St.Kitts tourism board, the National Carnival opens on a Friday, rung in by a vibrant female calypso show and J’ouvert occurs […]

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Band Launch: Ultra Carnival Launches for St. Kitts Carnival 2017.

Better known as Sugar Mas, St. Kitts will be hosting Sugar Mas 46 starting from November 17th through January 6th, with the main parade taking place in January. Now in their third year, Ultra Carnival dazzles us with their theme, A Wander’s Dream. Here is their presentation What do you think? Yours in Mas,

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COSTUMES: Sugar Mas 44

St. Kitts Carnival is the only one in the Caribbean that blends the spirit of Christmas with the nation’s culture and African heritage. Taking place in December into the New Year, a series of competitions, shows, and street activities that culminates on New Year’s Day when street parades and performances climax in a grand finale. Although […]

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