Band Launch: Zulu International Launches for Crop Over 2018

Zulu International kicks off band launch season in Barbados for Crop Over 2018. Their theme is “Hidden in the Stars”, designed by notable designers like David Dewer, Kat Gittens, Janiece Springer and Natalie Fonrose. Which one do you like the most? Yours in Mas, Advertisements

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BAND LAUNCH: Zulu International Launches for Crop Over 2016

Zulu International launched their “Apocolypto” presentation on April 22 for Crop Over 2016. Bajan pop artist Rihanna, always plays mas with them when she goes home for Crop Over, so I had extremely high expectations for this launch. This year, their costumes are underwhelming. Individual sections look like frontline costumes (if that). Feathers are little […]

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