FETE LIST: Where to Party for Jamaica Carnival 2015

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I’ve been pulling a list of the best fetes for Jamaica Carnival for you all. I don’t want yuh wasting your time going anywhere else when I know these parties go be sell off (yaad voice lol). The prices are very reasonable and I’ve listed how much and where you can purchase these from. I’ve found that some of the promoters don’t put the prices on their fliers, so I did the research for you all. Doh wait too long, carnival around the corner and tickets are in high demand.

April 4

Rise Up – Frenchmen Party ($6500JA/$60USD)

  • Request Tickets from reservations@frenchmenparties.com

Bacchanal Beach Jouvert ($5500JA/$50 USD)

  • Purchase tickets from Bacchanal Jamaica MasCamp 

April 6 

Canboulay Breakfast Party ($45USD)

April 9

Blocko Soca Street Party – FrenchmenParty ($4500JA/$40USD)

  • Request Tickets from reservations@frenchmenparties.com

April 10

Duck Work – SCORCH ($20USD, Women/ $30USD, Men)

  • Purchase Tickets from islandetickets.com 

Bacchanal Jouvert ($30USD General/$40USD VIP)

  • Purchase tickets from Bacchanal Jamaica MasCamp, Pita Grill, Mega Mart, Sovereign one week prior to the event 

Caesar’s Army AMbush (Contact Committee Members)

April 11

Sunrise Breakfast Party – Sunnation ($90USD)

  • Purchase Tickets from https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sunrise-breakfast-party-tickets-16134818677

Bazodee – Frenchmen Party ($8500JA/$75USD)

  • Request Tickets from reservations@frenchmenparties.com 

Most of these parties have to be picked up in person by a certain date, so please coordinate with someone in JAM or the vendor to have your tickets picked up.

Yours in Mas, 

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Carnival from a masquerader perspective - Where to fete? Band reviews? What to wear? I got you!

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