BAND LAUNCH: Caribana, Machel Montano Section for Saldenah Mas!

Carnival Lovers!
Machel Montano has a busy summer ahead. Working with Anyaa Young-Chee, Machel is also spearheading EpicsMasBand in Los Angeles on June 27th. But that’s not what we’re talking about.

We’re here to talk about Saldenah Mas‘ band launch on April 17th! Machel has his own section that keeps EpicMas’s core theme, where masqueraders can reuse their costume after carnival.

With that being said, Are you ready? #likeahboss

Personally, I love gold trimmings on anything so naturally, I like love this costume. I can see myself chipping down the road with my #Boss visor and my shoulder pads. What do you all think? Are you playing mas with Saldenah Mas this year? Global Carnivalist played mas with them and they are one of the best mas bands out of Toronto.

Check out the Full Album Here

Yours in Mas,

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