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I had the pleasure of visiting Cusco and Lima in Peru. I honestly did not know what to expect, but i thought it would have been extremely warm, because it’s Central America. Of course I was mistaken. We went in June which is winter time in Peru.

We landed in Lima, Peru shortly after 10pm and was greeted by several taxi-men. We were going home to sleep and then start our journey to Cusco, Peru where we would visit some of the Mayan Ruins, and Macchu Picchu, one of the World Wonders.


Let me just state that I am EXTREMELY terrified of heights, so these hikes and nature walks almost killed me lol. I enjoyed learning about the Mayan history and was fascinated with their architecture for the time period that they lived. It’s even more astonishing to see that their homes and irrigation systems are still in place.

Maris in PeruIMG_3207IMG_3728IMG_3198IMG_3727

We spent way too many days in Cusco (about 4) when all activities can be covered in two. So after visiting the Ruins and Macchu Picchu, I was about ready to go. Cusco was COLD. It was about 60-70 degrees during the day and 30-35 degrees at night. The airbnb we stayed in also didn’t have proper heat in the house so I felt like I was getting sick.


Climbing Wayna Picchu has to be my greatest accomplishment. Remember I stated that I’m afraid of heights and Wayna is about 3,000 feet tall. The view is worth the hike but I had two panic attacks climbing that mountain (the huge mountain below).



So with traveling often, I realize I still like familiar settings and big cities. Lima is a large city which merged some american aspects into their latin culture. I had the most tasty ceviche in Lima. We even went to a club —- and though they didn’t play any american music (or songs i knew)  we could still dance to the music. Overall, I had a blast in Peru and would visit Lima again.

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