FETE LIST: Where to Party for Labor Day in New York City 2015

Labor Day weekend is always a movie in NYC —  bess fetes takes over the the city while  all boroughs partake in Caribbean events and culture. And it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t compile a fete list for you. Here are some of the best soca parties happening in the city on Labor Day weekend. Stay tuned as we continue to build this list.

8PM – We Wednesday – Purchase tickets here 


8PM – Shell Down Boat Ride – Contact Committee Members – Matrix 347.439.2426/ Keith 718.813.2473


2PM – Scorch Duck Work Boat Ride – Purchase tickets here


1PM – Ssh – Purchase tickets here

2PM – Marcus Crew Cooler Fete – Purchase tickets here 

10PM – Tribe Icebox – Purchase tickets here

10PM – Sugarcane & Vale Vibe Presents Tantana – Purchase tickets here


11AM – Sunny Side Breakfast Party – Purchase tickets here

2PM – Rum & Music – Purchase tickets here 

2PM – Free Pop Up Party

2PM – Poorman Jam Presents Curfew – Contact Committee Members – Matrix 347.439.2426/ Keith 718.813.2473


2AM – Relapse J’ouvert – Purchase tickets here

4PM – Scorch and Ice – Purchase tickets here


Yours in Mas

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