2015 CARNIVALS IN REVIEW: A Look At the Top Carnivals This Year


As you know we love Carnival A LOT.. and nothing brings us more joy than participating in carnival festivities from country to country, and in the United States.

Below is our list of the Best Carnivals. We only ranked ten, so we hope your hometown/country was lucky enough to make the list. Our wish? – that you plan to attend one of these top 10 carnivals in the very near future. Let’s begin

10. CARIBBEAN – St.Lucia Carnival

Do not be fooled by this small island’s number 10 ranking. This is a bess carnival and quickly growing as a carnival destination amongst the islands.


9. CARIBBEAN – St.Vincent Carnival 

Vincy Carnival has been around for a long time but designers in recent years have definitely stepped up their game when it comes to their costume designs. The fetes are definitely a blast as you can see in the video.

8. LONDON – Nottinghill Carnival 

Nottinghill Carnival takes place in August every year and is by far the most popular and well attended carnival in the UK. Just because it’s ranked eigth doesn’t mean it isn’t a BESS carnival location. The weather may be the only downside. London rains a lot and typically it is gloomy and chilly during their carnival season. Would you like to attend Nottinghill Carnival? Start your planning for 2016!

7. USA – New York City Labor Day Parade

Overly popular, Labor Day is the most known carnival in the United States and brings in millons of people to Brooklyn every September. At the parade, you can purchase Caribbean food, goods and music from vendors while looking at the beautiful masqueraders (if you’re like us, you’d be dancing in your costume too)

6. CARIBBEAN – Spice Mas, Grenada

Grenada has the BEST JOUVERT hands down. The jab jab nation knows how to party. We cannot wait to party with them in 2016.

5. CANADA – Caribana


Want another awesome carnival experience in North America? Then Caribana is definitely where it’s at. We don’t even have to explain why, most carnival veterans know that Caribana is a must attend. TIP: This is a dry carnival so pack your rum/booze.

4. CARIBBEAN – Jamaica Carnival

We had a very hard time choosing who was third and fourth because they’re both amazing!! That being said, Jamaica Carnival is Number 4 on our list. Hands down best fetes we’ve attended and gorgeous costumes. Bacchanal Jamaica is one large band but sections are designed by different organizers. Check them out!

 3. USA – Miami Carnival

Ranked as the Number One Carnival in the United States, Miami Carnival is a must attend for all Carnival junkies. We have played mas there for 6 years and have yet to be disappointed. Beautiful people, and DEFINITELY some amazing fetes, as many promotors from the Caribbean have organized parties there.

2. CARIBBEAN – Crop Over


So yes, Barbados Kadooment is second on the list (and steadily getting close to number one). Vibes!! Drinks!! And bess tings wining up on the road (Rihanna included). Bajan soca artists are bigger and better every year. Crop Over now has the same number one fetes that Trinidad houses yearly.


1. CARIBBEAN – Trinidad Carnival

 I’m sure you’re not surprised that Trinidad Carnival, known as the Greatest Show on Earth is the Number one Carnival. Trindad Carnival sets the bar every year for the songs we can look forward to, fetes and costumes. We cannot wait to create more memories in Trindad in 2016.

Who else do you think should have ranked? Let us know in the comments, maybe we’ll stop by soon

Yours in Mas

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