Global Carnivalist Travels: Thailand

One thing I love (just as much as carnival) is traveling. I love submerging myself into cultures all over the world while simutaneously exposing others to my own.

That being said, let’s get into it. After Trinidad Carnival, the crew and I decided to take our talents to Thailand in Asia.

Thailand is quickly becoming a go-to destination for all types of travelers. You can have a blast on a back-packers budget all the way to the holiday traveler who just wants to enjoy 4 to 5 days in Thailand.

We started off in Bangkok. A bustling and extremely developed city, as some in the eastern parts of the world may not be aware. In Bangkok, we visited the Grand Palace, Wat Arun and Wat Pho. I called this our temples and tourist day. We hit up all the known temples and after a long day of melting in the sun, I truly enjoyed the detail, patience and dedication that went into designing these temples.

After enjoying the sights we ventured out to the infamous Khao San Road. The street of all things Thailand — fish eating pedicures, foot massages, henna tattoos and FRIED INSECTS (eww lol). We stayed out til 4 am watching the ladyboys work the street and tourists drinking out of bucket cups. (Best way to get a buzz quickly)

We couldn’t take any photos but we also induldged in Thailand’s sex show, more specficially a ping-pong show where the Thai girls do tricks with their pussy. That night we saw women smoke cigarettes, blow out a birthday cake, pick up rings, AND WRITE OUR names with a marker, all with their vagina. That’s some strong vaginal muscles.

Our next stop was the Island of Phuket (pronounced Poo-ket). Beach and Tourist heaven with bars, island excursions and clear waters. Phuket provided the more relaxed experience of our trip. We rode elephants at the Siam Safari, went on a tour of the Phi Phi Islands and swam with the fishes and then finally bar hopped in Patong Beach along Bangla Road.

We’re so happy we were able to go to Thailand and experience island life — even more blessed to have had the opportunity to go. Stay tuned for my next journey as the Global Carnivalist travels.

Yours in Mas

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