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There are cities you hear about all the time and then you visit and you’re like – what the hell was all the hype about. Paris, lives up to it’s hype. Out of all the countries I’ve visited so far, France, more specifically Paris, is my favorite. The people were extremely friendly, i enjoyed the luxury shopping and i loved the food. I ate all the time lol. European portions are smaller than what we’re served in America so you might find yourself being hungrier sooner.

We landed at CDG around 1pm and immediately planned to visit the Eiffel Tower. After checking into the hotel, having a bite to eat and getting familiar with our new area along George V, we got to the Eiffel Tower around 9pm. We even lucked up and saw the light show. The Eiffel Tower is as immaculate in person as you see pictures. I was wowed by the tremendous-ness and significance of the tower.



The fun began when touring all over the city. We visited the Louvre of course. You simply do not visit Paris and not at least take a photo with the glass pyramid. It is a significant staple in Paris.



The Louvre is covered, from wall to wall, building to building with some of the world’s most famous art pieces, including the Mona Lisa. You can find art from several different time periods like ancient Greek to Italian pieces; even some of Marie Antoinette’s furniture is here.



We quite possibly visited three or four arrondissements (neighborhoods) in one day. Just prepared to walk a lot.  We saw the majestic Notre Dame; The details and work put into this cathedral is amazing. We proceeded to walk through the neighborhood, Ile Saint-Louis, just across the bridge from where the Notre Dame is located. Below are some pictures of the streets of this small neighborhood.




(inserts pictures of food) Of course we had to visit the infamous Angelina’s. The hot chocolate IS delicious, very strong too. Be prepared to spend 8-9 euro on a cup of hot coco. If at all, for the experience if you’re only going to visit once.


As mentioned before, I had a blast in Paris and look forward to visiting again.

Where will I venture off to next? I’m not sure but I’m certainly looking forward to it.

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  1. I totally support your experience. Paris is all that and more. My experience was even more special because I did a race – La Parisienne through the streets of Paris. What an amazing city. Glad you had fun.

    1. I totally agree with you as I could not get enough of Paris or France in general. Need to
      another visit but the Louvre was my favourite museum of all.

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