Miami Carnival 2016: A Review of Revel Nation Carnival

I’ve now played mas in Miami for 7 years, and every year is better than the last. Quite frankly, unforgettable. Like with most carnivals I attend frequently, I tend to play mas with a different band to experience the carnival differently. This year the GlobalCarnivalist crew played mas with Revel Nation Carnival. Their costume designs, customer service and road vibes were A1!. Here is my Revel Nation carnival review


Revel Nation did a media launch first, which got me extremely excited that I didn’t have to wait for website pics. I already knew which section I wanted, just needed to know where to pay my money. I coordinated my registration through Kevin because I found the online convenience fee to be excessive. However, registration was done with ease online. You chose your section and paid your money. You also had the option to pay in installments, again the only issue is the high fee every time you paid.


Communication was on point! I was surprised actually, I heard how non responsive they were in 2015, but they quickly got that together. Information was given via email and on social media accounts. They responded quickly via Instagram or email and was on top of all communication. Great job Revel Nation.


If you paid off your costume before hand, costume pickup was seamless. If you did not, costume pickup was a headache with the wait. It took some people 2 hours to pay then have their costume retrieved. I highly recommend people pay off their costumes before costume pickup that way, you’re on the fast track. This applies to all carnivals.


The costume was PRETTY during band launch but even more GORGEOUS in person. Well detailed and put together. I played mas in the Berserker section. My body chain of my wire bra fell off prior to the jump up but everything else stayed in place. Daiz some good glue dey lol. I loved how it looked on my body and hugged my curves.  Big kudos to the designer.


THE ROAD – Food/Music/Staff/Vibes:

Food was good! They had fish, veggie (tofu) and chicken platters that served all diets. Throughout the day, small beef or saltfish patties were served to masqueraders. Drinks flowed and the staff was on point with making sure you were not waiting too long to get served. Security did a great job of keeping us safe and away from truck wheels while also not being rude, pushy AND they had a blast wukking up with us. Shoutout to the truck driver also, he did not move too quickly which gave us plenty time to wuk up and not have to run to catch the truck. I loved that!


The music was BESS! very diverse, i don’t remember if i was too drunk so i don’t know if songs played too much or if i was just having that much of a good time. We had great DJs, including the infamous Private Ryan and Hypa was our hype man on the stage. Amazing way to end the day. The vibes of revel nation carnival was a blast. Crossing the stage was EPICCCCCCC…..When they called the whole band back on the stage, i swear I was in heaven. Sexy woman, generally happy people and everyone was having a great time together. I would play mas with Revel Nation again. I look forward to seeing their 2017 Miami Carnival presentation


Bess songs on the road:

  • Kes – People
  • Motto ft Problem Child – Bend Dong
  • King Bubba – Calling in Sick
  • Scrilla – Gyal Drop
  • Stiffy – Tek off Something
  • Mr. Killa & Legs – Party Bad


  • Stockings by Carnivalista: 10% off Discount Code: GLOBAL
  • MUA by me
  • Hair by me
  • Boots from Amazon

Yours in Mas

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 10.30.39 AM

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6 thoughts on “Miami Carnival 2016: A Review of Revel Nation Carnival

  1. Revel Nation Carnival is a collaboration between Hybrid, Scorch & Bloom Carnival.
    All designs by Oylan Baldeosingh & Douglas John.
    Thank you for playing with us!
    Look forward to seeing you in 2017!!

  2. Great recap! I’ve heard great things about the Revel Nation Vibes. If I played mas in Miami they would be at the top of my list for sure.

  3. How can you tell if a band is “worth the time” and if security will be on point? Is there a place to find reviews?

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