Monday Wear 2017: Laura Narayansingh

2017  is the YEAR of the Monday Wear. Here at Global Carnivalist HQ, we couldn’t be happier. Last year we talked about how rapidly the concept of monday wear was growing and the outburst of designers everywhere, and a few months later, we have so many options.

We have another designer, Laura Narayansingh who has launched her Trinidad Carnival – Monday Wear 2017 line and we think it is just fabulous. Her monday wear is sleek, but high fashion in my book. I believe it appeals to the sexy masquerader who is going to dazzle the road and not wukk up too much. Per Narayansingh, “MW17 was designed to feed the ego of every woman- to accentuate her uniqueness. To remind her that no one does it quite like she does”. 

If you’re interested her in pieces, please contact her here.

But enough of us rambling, here is Narayansingh’s 2017 presentation, BO$$.



Yours in Mas

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 10.30.39 AM

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