Jamaica Heroes Weekend 2017

Dates: October 14 – 15, 2017

If you haven’t heard about Jamaica Heroes Weekend yet, THEN.. here is your plug about Heroes Weekend in Jamaica. It is quite literally the weekend after Miami Carnival, so for those of you who will miss Miami Carnival OR have already decided that you cannot accept Miami Carnival being your last big pump for 2017 — Frenchmen Heroes Weekend is where it’s at. It’s quick, it’s literally a weekend, or you can turn this into a much needed vacation.  It is likely, you have already booked your flight but if you haven’t get to it.

Taking place in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Frenchmen is bringing you a weekend of sexy  vibes and premium events alongside the beautiful beaches of Ochie.

Because Ochi is a “tourism” hub, there are several hotels to choose from. Shop around for the best deals.

Here is your Heroes weekend Fete List/Party Schedule!

Saturday, October 14

5AM – Toasted Frenchmen & Scorch Beach Breakfast Cooler Fete – Purchase tickets here

9PM – NiteCap Frenchmen Party – Purchase tickets here

Sunday, October 15

11AM – TriniJungle Juice Last Minute Pump – Purchase tickets here

2PM – Foreplay Frenchmen Party – Purchase tickets here


See you there!

Yours in Mas

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  1. Hey Global Carnivalist!

    First off I LOVE you and your blog. I followed all your advice when I went to Trinidad Carnival 2017. I had the time of my life and was truly prepared for the epic-ness that is Trinidad Carnival. I was wondering if you could bless us with a post about transporting costumes post carnival (especially large ones with feathers).


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