Monday Wear 2018: MonDiva

More Trinidad Carnival 2018 Monday Wear tonight!! Aren’t you just excited?! Janelle Forde is one of the innovators of “monday wear” as we know it now.. and just dropped another collection for her MonDiva line, titled CULTURE. Forde is awesome at mixing bright prints with some floral touches that are sexy yet classy and extremely feminine. Her pieces are moderately priced as well which is a plus

Her 2018 collection is no different. You can find registration details on her website.

Monday Wear Mondiva 2018


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2 thoughts on “Monday Wear 2018: MonDiva

  1. Fabulous. Every piece! I have no clue what to do on Monday. Kinda want to slay…kinda want to chill out and slay on Tuesday lol. Thanks for posting this too!

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