Miami Carnival 2017: A Review of Revel Nation Carnival

My thighs still tight as I writing this eh.. but I need to get my thoughts out before I forget. As you know, if you’ve been following me for a while, I LOVE Miami Carnival. After Trinidad, it is one of my favorites. Last year, I fell in love with the caliber of service and costume quality Revel Nation Carnival provided, and knew that if I went to Miami again, they would be my band of choice. I’m happy to say, my expectations were exceeded, AGAIN!


I registered late, I did not decide whether I was attending carnival. Once I did, registration was simple. I logged onto the website, inserted my details and received my confirmation email. When I had questions, I was able to communicate directly with Revel Nation staff. One SMALL thing that makes a big difference with Revel Nation is their use of communication and how quick they reply to their masqueraders.


Revel Nation KNOWS HOW TO USE technology/social media to their advantage. First and foremost, I always appreciate a media launch. It’s like a surprise after eating dessert. Once the band launched, mass emails were sent, DMs were answered, they even commented back to masquerader questions in their Instagram comments. Note: Be cautious of the bands that are TOO BUSY to address your questions even if it is Instagram. 

If you emailed, they responded within 48 hours and arrangements were made if you were unable to pickup your costumes during the allotted time. But let’s talk about this costume pickup.



Just by looking (and by the amount of people who told me they’d be on the road with Revel because of my experience last year) I could see that Revel had grown. And with growth, you’re always worried if bands will falter or excel.

You already know I was bracing for a costume pickup nightmare. IT DID NOT HAPPEN! My girls walked in and checked in via “IPAD” so that the Revel Nation associates knew they were there. If you had a balance, you paid that off. If not, they came to you with your costume. An associate went through your box with  you, piece by piece to ensure everything was there. And they were so nice! Friendly, dancing and keeping up the pace at the mascamp.



I lovedddddd my costume so much! It was gorgeous. I always amend the people dem costumes because sometimes it’s too much or too cheap but this 2017 collection, designed by Oylan Baldeosingh and Douglas John was EVERYTHING! The gold and black accents against my skin was pretty. Gems didn’t fall off, my wings were intact and light-weight. Typically I would not wear a headpiece, I’m happy I did.. I felt and looked liked an Egyptian Goddess. Note: Backliners mentioned that their necklace was a bit flimsy but overall their costume was gorgeous and Revel’s design team chooses designs that will hold up pretty well. 


So much goes into getting ready for carnival. As usual, I wore Carnivalista Naked tights. [10% off Discount Code: GLOBAL] For those of you who think you are close to my complexion, my color is truffle.


I almost always get my boots from Amazon. Amazon is my friend LOL. Rain (@makeupbyraindropz) did my makeup. Her pro tip: Milk of magnesia is what helps your makeup stay in place while you’re on the road. Hair and abs came with me to Miami so I didn’t have to purchase them there.

THE ROAD – Food/Music/Staff/Vibes:

How do I put euphoria into words? I got to my band and already it was pace! Masqueraders looking amazing, chipping, wining and getting on bad. As petite as I am, I’m always on food or looking to see whose hands have a snack. Revel gave out some codfish balls or patties to munch on while we were on the road. As I mentioned above, the band grew but it was not TOO MUCH. Revel had the perfect masquerader ratio. Frontliners did not feel squished in.

Lunch was given out WHEN YOU felt like eating your lunch. There was no chaos, no long wait, just walk up to the food truck, request your meal option and eat. I ordered fish. My platter came with rice and plantain.

Now for music, we had ALL the bess DJs and it did not feel like we heard the same soca songs over and over. Lucian soca was pretty dominant this year, I’m still singing Bad in Bum Bum. My favorite tunes from 2014 even got played and that is major to keep the crowd engaged and excited. Some DJs I saw were Private Ryan, Dr. Esan and Ryan Sayeed.

Here are some of the popular songs that were played on the road.

Hoppa was on the mic when we were crossing the stage and had us hype the whole time. Lol honestly he’s hilarious.. when he say “okay guys get off the stage we trying to win this year and don’t come back” I DIED. Because if you were in Revel last year, you know ALL sections came back on stage to misbehave and we feel that’s why we did not win Band of the Year.


Revel Nation’s staff were ATTENTIVE! Keeping toes away from truck wheels, drink runners were walking through the band, handing out drinks in a timely fashion and friendly. DRINKS flowed.  Just after we crossed the stage and I was about to die thinking Revel done with me for the day.. SNACK RUNNERS CAME OUT! SNACKSSSSS!! (You remember I love food) Patties, cookies, chips, croissants and pastries were handed out to masqueraders AFTER stage crossing to ensure we had more energy. I loved that so much, you guys don’t know. The small gestures go A LONG WAY!!

Overheard: Revel’s staff is there TO WORK! I love that! 

Lastly, VIBES was BESS!! Anytime I heard Top Striker I was ready to take off with my wings LMAO. We were parked by the truck with Top Striker blasting and COOL DOWN FOAM falling from the sky! What an amazing way to celebrate the night. Please see how many NON-Revel folks surrounded our truck.

A lot of your carnival faves were in Revel, that should tell you something. Revel Nation TO THE WORLD!


Post your carnival feedback in the comments below!

Yours in Mas,

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12 thoughts on “Miami Carnival 2017: A Review of Revel Nation Carnival

  1. Freaks is one of the largest bands to grace the road for Miami Val, and even their masqueraders came into our band because we had MORE vibes than them! That alone should show the none believers that revel is the way to go. I had a time! I was drunk from the moment I starter pelting waist! 😆

  2. Miami Carnival Vibes was Awesome!!! And with the weather turning out the way it did, it made it just that more awesome. You had a lot of Fetes to choose from (in additional to the already LIT Miami Nightlife). I agree with you in that Miami Carnival 2K17 is my next favorite to Trinidad Carnival. If next year you happen to stay on Monday, #SSSBlue, the Alternative Jouvert Experience is the place to be. I went and the Vibes and Jams were off the charts with the Blue Paint and Powder👍🏾👍🏾. I’m looking forward to Miami Carnival 2K18 already lol.

  3. You definitely sold the Revel Nation experience! I LOVE the Bad Gal RiRi behind the scenes shot too, but HOW you get past security lol

  4. Costume is gorgeous, fits you well! 😍😍 I definitely want to go to Miami Carnival next year! What about the pre fetes though??? Suggestions or reviews on any

  5. I am a carnival ambassador and Production Assistant and even though I play with a large band 3Peat winner ( hint) , I do enjoy and know many who play with RevelNation . Their Vybz look fantastic and Costumes are Lovely !!!!!! Bless up to all keeping d Culture alive !!!!!!!!One Love 🇯🇲🇹🇹

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