BAND LAUNCH: Just4Fun Carnival Launches for St. Lucia Carnival 2018

Just 4 Fun Carnival band, based in St.Lucia, launched their 2018 Codex presentation last night. Just4Fun is one of the more popular bands on the island and promises their masqueraders a premium experience.

St.Lucia Carnival will be on July 16 and 17, 2018. Just 4 Fun Carnival Band prices are below.

Here is their presentation


Just4Fun Carnival Band Prices_ValorUltraFrontlineJust4Fun Carnival Band Prices_ValorB0385C72-6A26-4074-9925-8335CAC95FCBBA2035DF-8D60-47BB-A83C-5B245701AA4F

Just4Fun Carnival Band Prices_HumilityUltraFrontlineJust4Fun Carnival Band Prices_HumilityFrontline670f9baa-b223-4e7f-9e96-209eec2cae56.jpeg8F55139B-0E1D-4DD4-B5D0-E6ADFFEAE61C

Just4Fun Carnival Band Prices_HonorUltraFrontlineJust4Fun Carnival Band Prices_Honor28b9a586-4211-420b-a6b3-03d76528cfef.jpeg

Just4Fun Carnival Band Prices_CompassionJust4Fun Carnival Band Prices_CompassionFrontline69EBF4ED-40EC-4E23-AFFD-0EFD9CECBFD1

Just4Fun Carnival Band Prices_SacrificeJust4Fun Carnival Band Prices_SacrificeBacklineA1486BEE-0884-4247-9594-964E4F4DEEEF

Just4Fun Carnival Band Prices_HonestyJust4Fun Carnival Band Prices_HonestyBackline


BacklineJust4Fun Carnival Band Prices_FrontlineJust4Fun Carnival Band Prices_JusticeFrontline

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3 thoughts on “BAND LAUNCH: Just4Fun Carnival Launches for St. Lucia Carnival 2018

  1. I jump up for the first time in St.
    Lucia with Just4fun Band in 2017 and I had a blast. I will be joining you again in 2018.

  2. Where in St. Lucia should I stay if I wanted to do carnival there. What area? any hotel’s in mind?

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