Interview: Global Carnivalist x JetSet TV

I’m minding my business one random day in March of 2017 when my friend who I went to Howard University with, reached out to me about being on TV. She works at a dope PR firm so, I’m like sure, it’s about travel, I travel, let’s do it.

She says, the only thing you need to do is, “submit your pitch” and it’s due in like 2 days. [internally screams]. How does one pitch a TV show? What do I say? Why do they care? Needless to say, the pitch was submitted [with the help of my PR friend] and now we wait.

Less than a week later, the show approved my segment [yay, little old me will get to be on TV]. Actual on set time lasts way longer than what you guys see in 5 minutes. I learned that when I was being filmed on a reality show in LA in like 2014. So I pull up after work, get my makeup touched up and waited.

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I am delighted with the outcome of the interview, if you haven’t watched it yet, please take a look. It is brief so you won’t lose any brain cells by taking a second to watch it.  I love Carnival A LOT! It truly feeds my spirit and I hope I was able to express that.

Yours in Mas

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*Note: I am extremely late adding a lifestyle corner to my blog but it’s time. It will be about my random musings, maybe a fete review or two, opinion pieces etc. 

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