Carnival Chaser Highlight: @CarnivalLolita X Global Carnivalist

As the years continue to fly by and costumes launch, and feathers shimmer in the sun, carnival is a tradition enjoyed by many.Carnival Chaser (n): An individual that goes on mostly carnival-based vacations, and plans trip after trip based on when the next carnival is.

Carnival is addictive. Meet Carnival Chaser  @CarnivalLolita_

Carnival Chaser_Lola
Candy Coated Love Fest 2018

What is it about carnival that keeps you chasing? 

Carnival is ADDICTIVE! From the way the Soca music hits my soul and wakes up every ounce of good feeling in my body, to the bath of paint, powder and mud in J’ouvert, to the sexy confidence I feel when I put on that beautiful costume, to the energy I cannot escape when I cross the stage! There’s a high that gives off a euphoric feeling, which is almost unmatched in my opinion, and lasts for days. But, when that high wears off (tabanca), it leaves you searching for more. When you just can’t wait a full year to feel that high again, this is where the chase begins. It’s hard to explain to non-carnival lovers, or to those who have never been, but it’s bliss.

It is my getaway from the often times boring reality and monotony of life. During those 3 to 10 days, depending on the carnival, all I have to worry about is not over-sleeping for a fete or makeup appointment, and making it to meet my band come parade day(s). Each country’s Carnival is unique, and therefore delivers its own euphoric experience. Because of this, every time I experience a new one, I am even more curious about another. I feel the need to experience them all. I admit there are some to which I just keep going back, but eventually I want to be able to say I’ve visited all of them at least once.

Trinidad Carnival 2018

Which carnival is a must attend for you? 

Trinidad and Tobago. It was my introductory Carnival and while I continue to say I need to skip it in order to free up time and money for other carnivals, I can’t bring myself to cut  ties. It’s the Mecca, it holds a special place in my heart, and it’s my overall favorite.

What are the “must have” items for you when choosing your band?  

Number 1 – VIBES, VIBES and more VIBES!!! (Which means anti-stush people and good entertainment (DJs, hypeman, etc) Note: Performers are a plus but not necessary)

Number 2 – A costume that I like and want to spend my money on.

Number 3 – Scotch, preferably JW Black


St.Lucia Carnival 2017

Which carnival (that you have not tried yet) would you love to attend? 

Bermuda Heroes Weekend. I think it’s a great time to attend. It’s not brand new, but not yet overly saturated, has gotten some good reviews from people in my crew and I’ve never been to the Island – I need to feel the pink sand between my toes!

If you have not checked out the full Carnival Chaser Series, please do. Each chaser inspires me to continue doing what I love.


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