Carnival Chaser Highlight: @Tr1n1d0n x Global Carnivalist

Carnival Chaser (n): An individual that goes on mostly carnival-based vacations, and plans trip after trip based on when the next carnival is.

A newly coined term, carnival chasers have been hitting carnival after carnival for years but this trend is now becoming the norm. No longer are we looking forward to random dream destination trips in Mexico, but rather, trips are booked on the need to play mas. Promoters too have fed the craze by hosting their events at more than one carnival throught out the year. Carnival is addictive. And so I present to you, the “Carnival Chaser” Highlight series. The next carnival chaser we get to talk to is @Tr1n1d0n. 

What is it about carnival that keeps you chasing ? 

@Tr1n1d0n: The resounding energy from the crowd. The omnipresence of bliss shared amongst everyone is so overwhelming onlookers couldn’t tell if you’re in the company of long time friends or complete strangers. Definitely a vibe that you cannot find at your local club on “Caribbean night” 🙄.


Which carnival is a must attend for you? 

@Tr1n1d0n:  Trinidad Carnival is and always has been my favorite.

What are the “must have” items for you when choosing your band?  

@Tr1n1d0n: Johnnie Walker, Pelau and People gyal
Photography Credit: Trinidad Carnival Diary
 Do you have any tips for people looking to attend carnival?
@Tr1n1d0n: Let go of all expectations of adequate sleep on a carnival vacation.
Do you consider yourself a carnival chaser? Contact us, we would love to feature you.
Yours in Mas,
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