Carnival Chaser Highlight: @DejMorrison x Global Carnivalist

We continue the Carnival Chaser Highlight series as more carnival chasers explore carnivals worldwide.  Be sure to check out other highlights previous to this one.

Carnival Chaser (n): An individual that goes on mostly carnival-based vacations, and plans trip after trip based on when the next carnival is.

Carnival is addictive. Meet Carnival Chaser: @DejMorrison 

What is it about carnival that keeps you chasing? 

Carnival holds such a special place in my heart because it’s an escape from the reality of my hectic life. It brings together my favorite things: soca, rum, the sun, my friends and family. How does it get any better than that?

What keeps me chasing is that feeling that I get when I play mas. I feel like the most beautiful, confident, and most free version of myself. It’s a feeling of genuine happiness. That feeling in itself is so addictive, that it just makes you want more and more.

Dej Morrison

How do you think carnival has changed from when you first started attending? 

I think it’s changed in that it has become a lot more prevalent in mainstream media. From being showcased in rap videos to bands getting socialites/celebs/IG models to play in their bands (i.e. Amber Rose, Black Chyna, JuJu, Bernice Burgos, etc.), I think it has definitely become a lot more mainstream and marketed to the masses, and I think that it’s only going to continue to grow.

I also feel like the costumes have definitely evolved over the years but that’s an expected change. They’ve definitely come a long way and it’s so fascinating to see how they evolve year after year. 

Which carnival is a must attend for you? 

TRINIDAD!  I know that everyone says this but if we are keeping it real, Trinidad sets the bar for the ultimate carnival experience. From the parties, to the quality of the costumes, to the road experience, it just can’t be beat. Once you experience carnival in Trinidad, it’s definitely a game changer.

What are the “must have” items for you when choosing your band?  

1)     I live for pretty mas, so I need costumes to be ON POINT. As someone who is plus size, I look for bands that have options for women of all sizes (monokini/one pieces, high waist underwear, etc.) because it is extremely important for me to feel comfortable in my costume. Variety and quality are extremely important.

2)     DJs! The vibes are so important and music plays a big role in this. I don’t want to be hearing the same 5 songs all damn day! I look to see which bands my favorite DJs are going to be playing for, which gives me a pretty good idea of what the vibes will be like on the road in relation to the music.

I typically I go with well known-bands because I feel they have a reputation to maintain so there is less room for error. They tend to have the costumes, music, and vibes, and of course premium drinks 🙂

Dej @ SBW

Which carnival (that you have not tried yet) would you love to attend? 

I have to find myself in St. Lucia in 2019 because I love me some Dennery and from what I have heard and seen, it looks like VIBES.

If you have not checked out the full Carnival Chaser Series, please do. Each chaser inspires me to continue doing what I love.


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