Monday Wear 2019: Laura Narayansingh

I look forward to seeing Laura’s line every year, since 2016 she’s been dazzling us with great production, a seamless website and incredible and creative designs. This year proves to be no different and I am just as dazzled! Registration is open! 

Laura Narayansingh presents 



upon my birth

my mother said

there is God in you

do you feel her dancing

-rupi Kaur

Laura N multicolorLaurana N silver+LSLaura N pinkLaura N dazzlyLaura N Silver+Sleeveless+copyLaura N yellow 2LN yellow 1

Yours in Mas, 

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    1. Since these are made to order, the designer might be able to make any of these for you. Reach out via Instagram

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