Carnival Chaser Highlight: Bacchanalists x Global Carnivalist

We continue the Carnival Chaser Highlight series as more carnival chasers explore carnivals worldwide.  Be sure to check out other highlights previous to this one.

Carnival Chaser (n): An individual that goes on mostly carnival-based vacations, and plans trip after trip based on when the next carnival is.

Carnival is addictive. Meet Carnival Chaser: @Bacchanalists

What is it about carnival that keeps you chasing ? 

Words cannot accurately describe the feeling of being on the road. The joy of being able to celebrate a country’s culture with other soca/carnival lovers, is amazing! I also chase for those who cannot attend carnival. They are able to live vicariously through me when I share my experiences.

Which carnival is a must attend for you?

Trinidad, the vibes on the road is like no other road march. Seeing the reaction of the crowd when Soca music is played, is priceless!

Which carnival do you think you got the most bang for your buck?  

That would have to be Jamaica. The flight, accommodations, transportation, food, fetes, were reasonably priced when I visited.

What do you look for when choosing a band? 

Good customer service, a party vibe and my favorite DJ’s. I am not big on costumes, I shell dung in anything.

Do you have any tips for people looking to attend carnivals?

Don’t live beyond your means. Proper budgeting and planning are the keys to success when it comes to having a drama free carnival experience. Join a carnival chat group, ask questions, get in the know.


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Carnival from a masquerader perspective - Where to fete? Band reviews? What to wear? I got you!

4 thoughts on “Carnival Chaser Highlight: Bacchanalists x Global Carnivalist

  1. HI GlobalCarnivalist or @bacchanalists: Looking for more information on where to find carnival chat groups! Can you recommend any please?

    1. Hi Jay, if you DM Bacchanalists on IG, he might be able to guide you better. I am not aware of any carnival group chats

      1. Thanks! I did try your advice but unfortunately he’s just another man trying to slide in girls DM to see their pictures. He wasn’t really interested in helping me. So I helped myself and went on meetup to find the info. He doesn’t have any photos of me but is sad that he’s a feature and acting this way….

      2. Yikes, sorry to hear that. Try Which Fetes Yuh Going (WFYG) on IG, I believe they could help.

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