Fete List: Where to Party for St. Lucia Carnival 2019

Dates: July 5 – 18, 2019

A fully packed schedule, St Lucia Carnival offers several events for carnival newbies and veterans to enjoy. Here is a compiled list of all the bess St. Lucia Carnival 2019 fetes happening on the island. If you’ve decided to head to St Lucia for Carnival, Rodney Bay/Gros Islet is the best location for your hotel, you will be close to all the action.

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Saturday, July 6

8PM – Soca or Suffer ($23usd) – Purchase tickets here 

Sunday, July 7

11AM – Bacchanal Brunch – Purchase tickets here

Tuesday,  July 9

6PM – Flaunt – Purchase tickets here 

7PM – TRANSCEND: Frass Fest ($20usd) – Purchase tickets here [Global Carnivalist Recommended]

Wednesday, July 10

12PM – Booze Cruise ($55usd) 

7PM – Verve presents Famalay – Purchase tickets here

Thursday, July 11

Escape – Stay tuned

Aura – Verve x Slush – Stay tuned

Friday, July 12

10AM – Deeper than Soca Presents JOB Cooler Edition ($50usd) – This event is sold out  [Global Carnivalist Recommended]

2PM – Duck Work Binge – Stay tuned

9PM – Color Me Red – Purchase tickets here

Saturday, July 13

2AM – Legend’s Carnival Mess, Clay Edition ($57usd) – Purchase tickets here 

3AM – Verve Presents SOAK’T – Stay tuned

3AM – Bacchanal Blocko ($80usd)  – Purchase tickets here

10AM – Silent Morning St.Lucia ($40usd) – Purchase tickets here 

2PM – Remedy  – Beach Cooler Fete – Purchase tickets here

2PM – Soca Starter – Stay tuned

2PMSoca Raff Up ($40usd) –  This event is SOLD OUT

Sunday, July 14

R3D Unlimited Brunch – Stay tuned

4AM – Indulgence Breakfast Party ($112usd) – Purchase tickets here

11AM – Soca, Sex and Alcohol Boat ride ($50usd) –  Purchase tickets here [Global Carnivalist Recommended]

1230PM – Foreign Invasion ($69usd) – Purchase tickets here 

11AM – Take Jam St. Lucia ($30usd) – Purchase tickets here 

3PM – Exotic Events Brazen ($60usd) – Purchase tickets here 

7PM – Tribe Ignite ($85usd) – Purchase tickets here

Jab Jab Fete – Stay tuned

Jungle Bay Jouvert Experience – Stay tuned

Monday, July 15

12:01AM – Moonlight Mas – Stay tuned

Glamishness – Carnival Makeup – Book Here 


Tuesday, July 16

Glamishness – Carnival Makeup – Book Here 

6PM – Soca, Sex and Alcohol Cool Down Lime – Stay tuned

6PM – Verve Tuesday


Wednesday, July 17

12PM – Suits St Lucia 2019 ($55usd) – Purchase tickets here

2PM – Fuzion presents Fizzle – Stay tuned

Xuvo Day 3 – Stay tuned


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  1. Is there an online ticket exchange for sold out events. Would love to get tix for the Deeper than Soca fete.

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