6 Reasons to checkout the Carnival Bubble

It has been 5 days since we left for the Carnival Bubble and I already miss it. It was the perfect cure for my tabanca after Miami Carnival. Carnival Bubble is a 4-day all inclusive carnival fetecation. One resort, 12 events, with some of the best DJs in the industry AND soca artists like Kes The Band, Skinny Fabulous, Adam O, and Lyrikal to name a few. So why should you checkout the Carnival Bubble? Let’s get into it.

1. A1 Entertainment & Event Concepts 

I was rather impressed with the entertainment line up at Carnival Bubble. For their sophomore showcase, they had veteran artists like Kes The Band, from Trinidad and Tobago, as well as upcoming stars on the scene like Adam O from USVI.  The deejays on board were also dynamic in experience. I was happy to be introduced to some deejays I was not so familiar with like DJ Fragg and Dj Messi.

We attended 11 events and each of them had a different feel despite being at the same venue. No event was designed or functioned like the previous. For jouvert, we were on the road with a music truck and concluded at the beach. For the gala, we were in a dining hall with vintage pieces reminiscent of a Gatsby ball. For the bonfire beach party, we got to dance under the stars and kept cozy by a crackling fire. Each event lived up to it’s concept and I loved that!

2. Food and convenience

Amazing food options are big for me, as someone with a limited diet, I cannot just walk into any cook shop expecting to find something that suits me. It’s also a hassle trying to make sure you’re eating well in addition to drinking and feting. The Carnival Bubble eliminates that stress because all of the food is on the grounds. This particular carnival bubble took place at an all inclusive resort in Bahamas, Breezes Superclub, where food was pretty much available if you were hungry. For breakfast I’d have an omelette, during pool time some conch fritters, perhaps some delicious creole style food for lunch and tasty well seasoned fish and veggies for dinner. The point is, all I had to do was walk downstairs or leave the fete to go find what I wanted and return. This made sourcing food and staying functional extremely convenient.

3. Perfect for Solo Feters/Vibes 

If you’re a solo feter OR are in the minority where you’re ready to party again and your crew is not, the Carnival bubble may be your fix. After feting with the same people for 12 events back to back, you begin to develop a rapport. People more or less look out for you and we each know who is on the grounds. It was really easy to make friends if you came alone. Making fete friends is easily one of my favorite things about the Caribbean community, I have seen people get married and/or build lifetime friendships this way.

Now the vibes? My hips are still sore from wining nonstop. The vibes were unmatched, each event was more hype than the previous. Each fete felt like a teaser to the next and if you weren’t tired enough to turn in, there was an after party or some lime taking place to entertain you. I loved the intimacy of each event, there were just enough people there to have a blast and to have level vibes without feeling overwhelmed or crowded.

In some way you never really had to stop partying. We quite literally pumped for hours straight, at max I may have gotten two hours of sleep at any given time. To give some perspective, it went something like this

  • Pool Party @ 12PM to 5PM
  • Gala @  7PM – 12AM
  • Bonfire @ 2AM – 5AM
  • Jouvert @ 8AM – 1PM
  • Olympics @ 1PM to 5PM

Then you start all over again with the night time functions. The 2-3 hour window before each fete started gave us just enough time to shower, change, eat, nap for an hour and go again. My favorite events were the Beach Bonfire party, the Gala and Raft up but I truly had a time at each function; they all had a different type of energy!

4. Zero Transportation Concerns

Around 2AM, while maybe 15 of us were crossing the street after Bubble Fest, a concert, I was like, “i’m so happy we don’t have to drive home”

As the driver in my friend group, it sucks sometimes not being able to truly drink and/or get too tired because you have to get yourselves home. There is none of that in the Carnival Bubble. After each function, my feet were my transportation; and I am quite sure if I were unable to walk to my room, I would have been pushed in a trolley on the elevator. LOL, the point is, I would make it back to my room safely without risking being pulled over, getting hit by a car, being drunk, falling asleep on the road, etc etc.

5. Enforced Bubble/ Covid protocols 

We are still very much in a pandemic, but we know now that limiting contact to strangers, hand-washing, masking and testing is the way to keep cases down and to keep patrons safe. The Carnival Bubble was able to do exactly that. You first had to apply for a travel visa to enter Bahamas which was extremely thorough. Once approved, you could enter the country and be shuttled to your resort. Upon entering the hotel, you also had to provide your COVID-19 test results and state your vaccination status.

A mask was also to be worn once dealing with hotel employees/guests or if you were getting food from the dining areas. There were also gate employees spritzing your hands with alcohol upon entering gated events. I was most impressed with the handling of the after parties. If you were not staying at the resort or in the Carnival Bubble you could not enter the grounds. While no system is perfect, this alleviated some of my anxiety and allowed me some ease knowing that each patron there at least went through some protocols to be there.

6. There is something for everyone

Lastly, there is something for everyone. Maybe you don’t care for jouvert but the bonfire beach party might be your vibe. If you’re really athletic, then the beach olympics would truly be for you. Love dressing up? there was a gala where we wore suits and gowns.  There was also a game night; jenga, ping pong, cards, you name it. If you felt like doing none of the above, there was a beach and extensive pool where you could have lounged until you pruned in the sun. Not to mention, the location choice was perfect. The team could not have gone wrong by choosing the Bahamas. There were casinos, shopping, great eats and local gems that would fit your fancy.

I had an absolutely amazing time and cannot wait to see the next location choice. Does the Carnival Bubble sound like something you would participate in? The next one is taking place in February 2022.


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