5 Things You Need to Know for Atlanta Carnival 2022

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The year is 2022 and Caribbean Carnivals are making a comeback. Perhaps it’s the gift of Black History Month (or March Madness) but over 9 carnivals have been announced with plans to be executed this summer.

One of the many carnivals I plan to attend is Atlanta Dekalb. There are two happening on the same weekend so to clear up any confusion, Atlanta-DeKalb Carnival is where we’re headed; this carnival falls on Memorial Weekend in the USA, so it’s a quick trip down to the A; stay until Tuesday (May 31) if you can.

The parade will take place on May 28, 2022. 


It is very easy to get into Atlanta; you could fly into Hartsfield – Jackson Airport (ATL) , Take Amtrak – Atlanta Peachtree Station (ATL) or drive into Georgia if you’re in a nearby state. I highly recommend renting a vehicle to get to and from events (and a designated driver).


If you would like to participate in the parade (aka play mas) there are several carnival bands to choose from. While Atlanta-Dekalb is a smaller carnival, the vibe is impeccable. As we are slowly coming out of a pandemic, I’d say it’s the perfect re-introduction to carnival and great for first time carnivalists.

Personally, I’ve decided to play mas with We Kinda Ting, as they have the longest standing reputation and quality customer service.  Amenities, costume quality, vibes and customer service should all play a major role in the band you select.  Prices range depending on the section/style.

What’s Included in the price ? 

  • Carnival Costume
  • Premium Service + Vibes
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Live DJs and entertainment

Registration closes for most bands by March 31st for production purposes so make sure you register soon. Your band options are:

  • We Kinda Ting
  • Mas with Panache
  • Entice Mas
  • Vibez and Vision
  • Unity Mas
  • Savage Mas
  • Feters Army
  • Poison Mas


There are several reputable hotels in the downtown – Atlanta area. The carnival itself takes place in Stone Crest (The parade starts at 10AM) while events are several different locations. Here are some hotels I’ve personally enjoyed 


There are plenty options regarding fetes for Atlanta Carnival. Here is a small listcle (more to be added) of what’s happening.

Friday, May 27

Saturday, May 28

  • 11AM – Carnival Day
  • 6PM – Atlanta Dekalb Carnival Concert ft Kerwin DuBois & More – Free for Masqueraders
  • One ($1) Dollar Fete
  • The Ultimate VI Jam
  • Overdose ATL Cooler Fete

Sunday, May 29

Monday, May 30


  • Stroll down Auburn Ave – visit the birth place of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – I did so on a trip with my college friends and it was fantastic witnessing parts of civil rights history. 
  • Atlanta Botanical Garden
  • Atlanta Jazz Festival – one of the county’s largest FREE jazz festivals.
  • Piedmont Park
  • Rollerskating – very popular amongst ATL natives, check out Cascade or Sparkles

It’s time to start planning! Is there anything else you want to know? Ask me in the comments below.

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