5 Things to Know About Jamaica Carnival 2022

After two years of postponements, Jamaica will be hosting a carnival for 2022. The planned date will be July 10, 2022 – about a month and a few days away. While it may be too late for some to plan an extravagant trip to Jamaica, it is an opportunity to experience Jamaica and carnival at a somewhat discounted cost and with a bit less hassle. Here are some things to know. 

The parade will take place on July 10, 2022 


The island is suited with hotels, tourism and discounted fete tickets 

Jamaica is known as one of the top 3 travel destinations in the Caribbean and for good reason. If you have been looking forward to taking a vacation, this may be the perfect time. Party with friends in Kingston for two or three days then hop the Knutsford Express to Mobay or Negril for more sun, sand and sea. (it is sometimes cheaper to fly into Kingston than Mobay )

Some amazing hotels to check out are Kanopi House (Portland), Breathless (Montego Bay) and Couples San Souci (Ocho Rios)

Additionally, there are people who plan to sell tickets from 2020 because they can no longer attend; those fete tickets will be priced to sell so keep that in mind when budgeting.

Listicle of the Fetes Happening 

Wednesday – July 6 

8PM – Bacchanal Jamaica’s Premium – Purchase tickets here

Thursday – July 7 

8PM – Xodus Tailgate JA –  Stay tuned

Friday – July 8 

2PM – Sunkissed – Purchase tickets here

5PM – Scorch Duck Wuk – Purchase tickets here

11PM – Bacchanal Jouvert – Purchase tickets here

Saturday – July 9 

5AM – Sun Up  – Purchase tickets here

6PM – Xodus Remedy – Stay tuned

9PM – The PM Fete – Purchase tickets here

Costumes at the fraction of its typical cost

Their loss can be your gain, so many are reselling their costumes because they are unable to attend, you could benefit from their financial loss (sorry yall) and purchase their costume via Bacchanal Jamaica or fineahban.com (purchase at your own risk, scammers use this site as well) 

*Only Bacchanal Jamaica and Xodus Carnival will be participating on July 10* 

More affordable flight prices than other upcoming summer carnivals. 

If you planned on randomly popping up for St. Lucia, Antigua or Grenada carnival, the flight cost may shock you. Flights are upwards of $2000USD for some depending on the days you choose to fly in. I like many will be attending St. Lucia Carnival and I have been weeping for months about these flight prices. Jamaica’s proximity to the United States and its frequency of incoming flights worldwide allow for their flights to still be priced lower than others.

Entry Protocols. 

As of April 2022, Jamaica no longer has any travel restrictions imposed on travelers due to the pandemic; travelers are no longer required to take a COVID-19 test to board a flight. (per http://www.visitjamaica.com)

For faster processing on arrival at the airport, travelers are encouraged to submit their Immigration/Customs C5 card online at https://enterjamaica.com and may do so at any time before arrival. If the card has not been submitted online, passengers may complete the paper form issued in-flight by the airline.

Touristy things to check out 

If you traveled from far or plan to make Jamaica a relaxing vacation after you finish wining on the road, here are some places to check out while you’re already on the island.

Is there anything else you need to know? Ask me in the comments

Yours in Mas  

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