Best Carnival destinations for your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party!

According to the Knot, 96% of bachelor/bachelorette parties are now overnight events with one in four groups hopping on flights to celebrate the bride & groom. We all know the usual suspects (Vegas, NYC, Nashville) but the Caribbean can offer a unique type of experience where carnival and your last hurrah meet. 

Sint Maarten Carnival - May 1-2, 2023

Best for adult-entertainment lovers 

Known as the smallest land mass to consist of two nations, St. Maarten is an ideal bachelor/rette location for travelers who love all things sun and sea. This tropical paradise has pristine beaches and sunny clear skies, where European culture blends so effortlessly with Caribbean flair. Stay on the French or Dutch side if you want but it’s easy to get around the island. My favorite spot was Karakter Beach Bar with my girls but don’t forget to stop by the infamous Maho Beach for an iconic photo with a plane above. The carnival season kicks off on March 17 through May 3. 

Best things to do : Take a tour of the island via taxi. Enjoy a cocktail and oontz oonts music at Karakter Beach. Love animals? Check out the Parotteville Bird Sanctuary and if bae allows there are 8+ strip clubs to checkout on the island, after all Sint Maarten is regarded as the “Sin City” of the Caribbean.

Jamaica Carnival - April 16, 2023

Best for a bachelor and his boys 

Occurring the third weekend of April annually, Jamaica Carnival is the perfect location to celebrate your single season. Not only are the parties amazing, if bae allows  you can stop by exotic club Taboo to maximize your celebration. Jamaica is also well equipped with large homes which are ideal for large groups. The carnival season kicks off March 24 through April 17

Best things to do:  Take a scenic drive to Portland, Jamaica where you can checkout Monkey Island or indulge in a mountainous spa day at Strawberry Hill. Have lunch with your friends here as the food is divine. 

Bermuda Carnival - June 19, 2023

Bermuda is the perfect island-nation for a beach bum – why not celebrate your last few days as a single gal on this gorgeous island. With lots of food options, Bermuda is the perfect gal’s spot for historic photos in front of the Unfinished Church, spa days at the Loren or visits to the Crystal Caves at Grotto Bay. The carnival season kicks off June 16 – 19. 

Best things to do: On your visit you cannot miss the Unfinished Church, located in St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage site. After visiting the most photographed pink sand beach, Horseshoe Bay (and taking several photos) venture to Woody’s Sports Bar for a Rum Swizzle, Bermuda’s signature cocktail. After a day’s worth of exploring get pampered at any of the notable spas on island. 

St. Vincent Carnival - July 11, 2023

Best for groups, rent a large villa and party with your crew

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a southern Caribbean nation comprising of the main island, St. Vincent, and 32 smaller islands. With yacht-filled harbors, chic private isles and volcanic landscapes, this island nation is a dream for yachters and nature lovers. Grab your champagne and swimwear for a scenic sailing day around the islands or stay at Grenadines’ finest (and exclusive) hideaways – Mustique, Canouan or Bequia. The carnival season kicks off May 3 through July 11. 

Best things to do: For the history buff, visit Fort Charlotte; nature lovers can hike volcano La Soufriere or walk the Vermont Nature Trail. Outside of carnival events, sailing and beach days will be the highlight of your week – so coordinate those bridal party outfits for photos and book soon. 

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