Fete List: Where to Party for Trinidad Carnival 2024

Trinidad Carnival 2024 fete organizers have begun releasing tickets and so I have began to compile a fete list of all the best events, their ticket prices and where you can purchase tickets, please click “purchase here” to access the ticket pages. If the link is not there, the ticket is not yet available for purchasing.  Bookmark this page, more events will be added as they become available. Prime events take place from February 7 – 14, 2024.

*To have your event added, please email info@globalcarnivalist.com


February 3, Saturday

9PM – Blue Range All Inclusive – Purchase tickets here 

February 4, Sunday

12AM – Rewind

February 5, Monday 

1PM – Soca Baby Boat Cruise – Purchase tickets here

February 6, Tuesday

4AM – Pree Dawn – Purchase tickets here

4PM – Vale Vibe Cooler – Purchase tickets here 

February 7, Wednesday

5PM – DJ Jel’s Jus’Soca All Inclusive – Purchase tickets here

6PM – Pumpers Inc. J’Lime Trinidad Carnival (Drinks Inclusive) – Purchase tickets here

10PM – Punchy Wednesday – Purchase tickets here 

February 8, Thursday

5AM – Caesar’s Army Ambeach – Purchase tickets here 

7AM – Soca Starter 2024 – Purchase tickets here 

2PM – Beach House All Inclusive – Purchase tickets here 

4PM – Tropical Luau – Purchase tickets here

5PM – Boycott Cooler – Purchase tickets here 

5PM – Friends of Friends (FOF) Carnival – Purchase tickets here 

February  9, Friday

9AM – Silent Morning

930AM – Bright Colors Boatride – Purchase tickets here

12PM – Scorch Duck Work

2PM – Phuket  – Purchase tickets here 

3PM – Rum & Music Cruizin – Purchase tickets here 

February 10, Saturday

7AM – Strut Carnival Cooler Cruise – Purchase tickets here

11AM –  Soca Brainwash 2024  – This event is sold out

3PM – Pinknic TT – Purchase tickets here

7PM – Smile, Soca Brainwash AfterpartyPurchase tickets here 

February 11, Sunday

4AM – Sunny Side Up

6AM – Shades – Purchase tickets here

2PM – M.C. Boat Experience – Purchase tickets here

3PM – Carnival Island – Purchase tickets here

3PM – Imagine – Purchase tickets here 

February 12, Carnival Monday

8AM – Street Parade

February 13, Carnival Tuesday

8AM – Street Parade

February 14, Ash Wednesday

2PM – Sunscape – Purchase tickets here

February 15, Thursday

12PM – Post Carnival Relief



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