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We have now entered what I consider the fun part of carnival planning. You purchased your flight (okay maybe lol), you put a down payment on your lodging accommodations and you are avidly working toward paying down your carnival costume. Now it’s time to shop for the greatest show on earth and buy your fete tickets. Ideally, we will enjoy fetes before we hit the road so here are the things you may need.


In addition to your fete tickets, you will need to buy carnival chic outfits. Encompassed in the carnival scene are different kinds of fetes. There are pool/beach fetes, cooler fetes, premium all-inclusives (better known as your stush fete), boat-rides, pavement limes and the all white fete. Here are a list of stores to help you find the best carnival outfits.

Ris & Crew

Checkout this full guide on Women’s Fashion 

Checkout this full guide on Men’s Fashion


Typically, for the beach party, pool fete or boatride, you would wear swimwear paired with some type of cover up or shorts. Here is a comprehensive list of swimsuit brands for your shopping pleasure.

  • Agent Provocateur
  • Allure Swimsuits
  • Asherah Swimwear
  • ASOS
  • Benoa Swim
  • ByChanBett
  • Caribbean Elite
  • Coco Knel
  • DeepEnd
  • DTS by Daniela Stone
  • Icon Swim
  • Ishine365
  • Jae Jolly
  • Kaoh’s Swim
  • Keisha Als
  • Kevaj
  • Marie Collette
  • Miakalani Swim
  • Mint Swim
  • Moana Bikini
  • Montce Swim
  • Plumeria
  • Rebel Swim
  • Rhion Rhomany Swim
  • Riot Swim
  • Suga Apple Swim
  • Swimsuits by Shiv
  • Weekend Swim
  • Winifred Taylor Swim
  • xyZEN


Jouvert is not necessarily my favorite type of function since we do get very dirty, but I love to put together jouvert outfits. Why not take advantage of another opportunity to look cute? Each outfit below was customized to my body. Would you believe the high waist shorts I have on was once long leggings that I cut to fit my shape?  So pack a pair of trusty scissors in your suitcase or design your outfit before you get to Trinidad.

GC @ Lion's Pride
Photography Credit: JoyJuice
Caesar's Army Ambush BIM 2017
Photo Credit: Bajan Tube

Purchase One Piece Swimmie 


Carnival Shoes 

You’ve chosen your carnival band, now it’s time to get the essentials. What kind of shoes will you wear? Boots or sneakers?  Personally, on carnival Monday I choose flat booties and then turn it up a notch by wearing a heeled bootie for carnival Tuesday. I have always bought my boots from Amazon. Another option would be Carnival Kicks. For 10% off, use code: GLOBALCNVL 

Here is a list of some of my carnival fave boots

Carnival Stockings

Once you’ve decided on your shoes, you also need pantyhose [or you’ve decided to go without] I swear by the Carnivalista brand. I recently used their nipple pasties as well and OMG a life saver! I didn’t end up flashing anyone at Miami Carnival lol. For all Carnivalista products, get 10% off with my discount code: GLOBAL

Carnival Backpacks

You’ve chosen your shoes, bought your stockings and now it’s time to select your backpack/wristlet. Recently for jouvert, I opted for a hydration backpack that held all my valuables and my rum. If this option works for you, check out Lime Carnival’s hydration packs, they’re cute and you can represent your country by selecting a pack with your flag. Get 15% off with my discount code: GLOBAL

Monday Wear 

Carnival Monday used to be known as the casual day masqueraders could wear a tank top with some pum pum shorts and their band’s insignia somewhere on the outfit. Carnival Tuesday was the glam day where you got to rock your costume and best fashion gems, but those days have changed.

Below are some designers that have already launched their 2020 Monday Wear Options. ASOS also sells glammed up swimmies that one could wear on the road.

  • Chandra Maharaj
  • Chez Zen Mas
  • Christian Boucaud Designs
  • Decoteau Designs
  • Himaya by Nadia Batson
  • J’Fab Body
  • Laura Narayansingh 
  • Marie Collette
  • MonDiva by J.Angelique
  • Rebel
  • Rhion Rhomany
  • Ryan Chan
  • Seatra
  • Shanyvo Designs
  • Sherise Stewart
  • Steffan Lorenzo
  • Vivre By Chelsea

Carnival Feathers 

Lately, most of my costumes has had some kind of feathered wings or headpiece and I usually bring them back home with me. My personal way of bringing back my costume is via a garment bag. I ordered a large garment bag from Amazon and make sure I never forget it when traveling. Some people use large trash bags but those can rip.  Read more on how I bring home my carnival feathers

Carnival Makeup 

Decided to do your makeup yourself? – Apply milk of magnesia or Mehron Makeup- Skin Prep Pro before doing your carnival makeup, that’s what will make it almost sweat proof. If you’re feeling too lazy to do your make up yourself OR you believe a professional will do a better job. Here is a list of MUAs based in Trinidad. Most of them began taking bookings in September 2018 so contact them asap.

  • Takida Joseph/@TakidaJospeh. contact 868-329-1041
  • Amanda Bugros/@FacesofBellaRouge. contact
  • Abby/@GlambyAbbey. contact 
  • The MUA House/ @themuahouse. contact
  • Shinille/@FlawlessfacesbyShinille. contact
  • iCandy Make-Up/@icandymakeupartistry. contact 868-744-2899
  • Khadeisha Stewart/@khadeishas. contact 868-780-1224
  • Teshea/@morethanmakeuptt. contact
  • Kai Forde/@simplii_beautifulll. contact 868-352-4019
  • CQC/@cqc_bymo. contact 868-486-3587
  • More than Makeup Limited/@morethanmakeuptt. contact 868-790-1971


Click Here for Printable Carnival Travel Check-list

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  1. You’re amazing. I needed new swimwear sites and have been struggling with Monday wear. I also forgot to pick up a few things that are on the checklist. Thank You again!!!

    1. Hi Shanae, Thank you and no I will not, however, you could use this checklist as a guide for your Jamaica Carnival needs

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