Planning Guide: Dominica ‘Mas Dominik’ Carnival 2023

Dominica’s Carnival better known as Mas Dominik is a month long celebration with calypso competitions, pageantry, folklore characters and bouyon. Self proclaimed ‘The Real Mas‘, the island embraces its traditional carnival elements.

Mas Dominik brings together African and French traditions and attracts revelers from far and wide to witness a dazzling display of social solidarity and a cultural explosion of music, art and dance. This celebration concludes with two days of parades – tshirt mas and pretty mas

The parades take place on February 20-21, 2023 


Dominica is accessible by plane, fly into Douglas-Charles Airport (DOM). Flights get expensive really quickly so make sure you set your alerts.


Most of the major Mas Dominik events happen in Roseau. Roseau itself is very walkable, but events might occur in surrounding areas. I would recommend renting a vehicle or booking a taxi driver to take you around. Check Fort Young Hotel or AirBnB for accommodations.


Dominica offers many fete types for revelers. When I asked around, fetes Viva La Dominica and Soca Raff Up came highly recommended. Bookmark the festivals page to stay in the know.


You can find relatively affordable costumes at Mas Dominik. Carnival festivities will begin the wee hours of morning at J’ouvert, then masqueraders will gather for Tshirt Mas on Monday (Feb 20) and conclude with Pretty Mas on Tuesday  (Feb 21).  Here is a list of bands to choose from:

Carnival Monday

  • 4AM  – J’ouvert with Lapo Kabwit, then 6 am to 8 am with Hifi Bands. All in Roseau.
    • J’ouvert Bands: 
    • Triple Kay Band  Jouvert (Free)
    • Lumi-Nation
  • 10AM – Traditional Old Mas Costume bands (Sensay, Darkies, Black Devils, Ban Mouve, etc.) and School Bands take to the streets.
  • 2PM – T-Shirt Bands
    • Klubird
    • Triple Kay Mega Monday

Carnival Tuesday

10AM – The brand new Carnival King & Queen are introduced. Traditional Costume Bands, Queen Contestants and other costume bands hit the road as well.

Music, culture, people and wild celebration merge to form what we know as Carnival. While the main parades are held in Roseau, many other villages have small parades as well.

Tuesday Pretty Mas Bands 


While you’re there for Dominica’s Carnival, make some time to see Dominica. There is something for everyone.

  • If you’re into outdoor adventures, you can visit Trafalgar Falls or Emerald Pool
  • Love spa time? Visit one of the many outdoor sulphur pools on the island
  • For the culture lover, there are historical sites and some of the best rivers in the Caribbean at your disposal.

Have more questions? Ask me in the comments below!

Yours in Mas, 

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