Trinidad Carnival Checklist

Hi Carnivalists, 

If you are in the purchasing stage of your carnival planning, then you have entered what I consider the ‘fun stage’. 

You have likely purchased your flight  (okay maybe lol), you put a down payment on your lodging accommodations and you are avidly working toward paying down your carnival costume. Now it’s time to shop for the essentials. 

The Fetes & The Outfits

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In addition to your fete tickets, you will need to buy carnival chic outfits. Encompassed in the carnival scene are different kinds of fetes.

There are pool/beach fetes, cooler fetes, premium all-inclusives (better known as your stush fete), boat-rides, pavement limes and the all white fete.  Checkout this Men’s or Women’s guide on fete fashion for more tips


Typically, for a beach party, pool fete or boatride, you would wear swimwear paired with some type of cover up or shorts. A cute kimono over a bikini is an easy choice, accessorize it to your personality and go! A full swimwear list can be found in this guide


J’ouvert is a time to let go and also get creative. Most j’ouvert bands provide a shirt, each party attendee has the option to cut their tops into cute designs that fit their persona. Crop tops, tanks, distressed, you name it, a scissors and a wish will make it happen. 

Pair a top with any of these bottoms 

The Road

Carnival Shoes

You’ve chosen your carnival band, now it’s time to get the essentials. What kind of shoes will you wear? Boots or sneakers?  Personally, on carnival Monday I choose flat booties and then turn it up a notch by wearing a heeled bootie for carnival Tuesday. I have always bought my boots from Amazon or Dolls Kills. Check out some of my faves for 2023! 

Carnival Hosiery

Once you’ve decided on your shoes, you also need hosiery [depending on the costume you might go without] I love Carnivalista, a brand that has specialized in making carnival hosiery for women of different complexions and sizes. 

For all Carnivalista products, get 10% off with my discount code: GLOBEY2023

Carnival Wristlets & Pouches

Wristlets, pouches, or wallets. You need something to carry your items on carnival day! The more freedom my hands have for holding my bubbly, the better.  I love a wristlet or thigh pouch for exactly this reason. 

Monday Wear

Carnival Monday used to be known as the casual day masqueraders would wear a tank top with some shorts and their band’s insignia somewhere on the outfit.

Carnival Tuesday was the glam day where you got to rock your costume and best fashion gems, but those days have changed.

Below are some designers with Monday Wear options to try out. ASOS also sells glammed up swimmies that one could wear on the road. 

  • Decoteau Designs
  • J’Fab The Brand 
  • Kaiso Karni 
  • Nisha Felice

Carnival Makeup

You want to be glam on carnival day! You have the option to pay a talented MUA or do it yourself. Once you determine your skin-type (oily, dry or combo) you can determine your strategy to sweat proof makeup.

As a combo (oily dominant) girlie, I love using Mehron Skin Prep primer after applying an oil-free moisturizer.

Scan Instagram for the many available MUAs. These three are some I’ve worked with in the past. 

  • Shinille/@FlawlessfacesbyShinille. 
  • iCandy Make-Up/@icandymakeupartistry. 
  • Khadeisha Stewart/@khadeishas.

Sun-protection aka Sunscreen

I love taking care of my skin. That means I will not leave home without wearing SPF. Why? Because it’s the most important step in skincare. I’ve found different ways to apply and reapply sunscreen during carnival. 

You could opt for a foundation with spf in it, a SPF mist or even a powdered spf. These are some of my faves, they are all hands-free & can fit in a small purse. 

A Garment Bag (To bring back those feathers)

Lastly, after spending thousands on those frontline feathers, I am sure you would like to bring them back home with you.

My personal way of bringing back my costume is via garment bag. I purchased a 60″ garment bag and never forget it when traveling. Some people use large trash bags but be mindful those can rip.  Read more on how I bring home my carnival feathers

Packing List

If you’re like me, you love a good check-list! Here is a packing list for your convenience.

Need to know anything else? Ask me in the comments below 

Yours in Mas

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  1. You’re amazing. I needed new swimwear sites and have been struggling with Monday wear. I also forgot to pick up a few things that are on the checklist. Thank You again!!!

    1. Hi Shanae, Thank you and no I will not, however, you could use this checklist as a guide for your Jamaica Carnival needs

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