Fashion – Men’s Wear at Carnival Fetes

Our post for “What to Wear to a Carnival Fete” for women was such a hit that we decided to help the men out also. I’ve partnered with Gavin [IG: @gbvision] on this feature to give you a man’s perspective. In Gavin’s words, here is what you need.


Gavin recommends buying staple pieces, known as your carnival essentials so that you can put together your look.

ASOS/Uniqlo – The recommended website for all things basic and functional. If you’re looking for fast fashion with moderate price points, ASOS and Uniqlo is your one-stop destination.

Cos/J. Crew – These brands offer Premium basics in modern silhouettes. Whenever you need that key piece to complete your look, without breaking the bank and compromising quality.


What to Wear To A Cooler Fete 

A cooler fete is a more laid back event where is bare jamishness and you get to bring in your own drinks. Some events to mention that are similar in set up are Soaka, Jam Nation, Vale Vibe, Punchy Punch and Blue Range.

Key Pieces

  • Year Round Denim Short Assortment (ASOS)
  • Tank Tops
  • Chino Shorts
  • Printed T’s
  • Basic Trunks
  • Package Tees


What To Wear To  A Premium All Inclusive Fete

When considering anything formal and upscale, every man should start with Ralph Lauren. A stush fete is what one might consider your grown and sexy event. Feel free to dress up a bit more to this type of event. For an example of this kind of event,  Think Premium All Inclusives like Lime, Beach House, C’est La Vie, Lara All Inclusive and Bliss (Barbados)

Key Pieces: 
Resort Wear
Printed Shorts & Trunks
Premium Polos
Floral Prints
Braided Belts
Chambray & Linen Shirts
Slacks/Dress Pant



What to Wear To A Boatride 

*When considering boat rides, consider Ralph Lauren (best printed trunk selection) to make your presence felt at name brand events such as Candy Scorch DDI, Coated Cruise, Suits & Bess Lime.

Key Pieces
Plaid (J. Crew)
Slim/ Skinny Fit Shirts
Oxfords & Poplin (Cos)



*When considering Jouvert, ASOS is the way to go with the biggest selection of affordable trunks (under $25)

*If you’re a complete vagabond who does destroy they clothes when fete-ing, H&M may fit all your fashion needs

Here are some places to shop if you run out of ideas.


Carnival veterans, any tips on what to wear to carnival event? Please share below.

Yours in Mas,

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