Fashion – What to Wear to Carnival Fetes

I have received SO many emails and messages about what to wear to a carnival fete by carnival virgins that I decided, it should be addressed in a post. Perhaps some examples will help you ladies.

Men’s Fashion Guide Here

What Is A Fete 

Feting in layman’s terms is “partying”, however, your outfits tend to be more practical at a carnival fete because of the “pace”. You will be partying hard, possibly climbing on a man’s back or shoulders and so your outfits should be able to handle that kind of jamming.

Ris & Crew
Carnival Chic Outfits

Encompassed in the carnival scene are different kinds of fetes. There are what is known as pool parties/beach fetes, all inclusive premium (stush) fetes, boatrides, pavement limes and the all white fete.

Lol plenty fetes right? Anyway, the key here is to be sexy in appearance but somewhat comfortable. 8/10 women will wear flat shoes to a fete for comfort. We do have our divas who will work a chunky heel or a wedge heel and even then, you will avoid too much palancing to salvage your feet.

The Fete That Involves Water 

A boatride/beach/pool fete will involve some type of swimwear with a very chic/sexy kimono or beach cover. Just imagine you’re going to a pool party in Vegas, so you want to look your best. Examples:

Silent Morning Trinidad 2019



The Fetes Where You Get To Dress Up 

A stush fete is what one might consider your grown and sexy event. Feel free to dress up a bit more to this type of event, or even throw on a maxi.

An all white fete requires, of course, ALL WHITE. If  it is advertised as all white, please wear, WHITE. Now is not the time to be unique.

Shades Breakfast Fete

And lastly, carnival chic, is typically how you dress to MOST carnival events unless they have a theme or you know it’s a dress up event. Most women will wear shorts or rompers because you plan to wuk up. Skirts are welcome too just remember to protect your lady parts.

Premium All-Inclusive Outfits

What About Jouvert 

Lastly, you have your paint and powder fetes. You will get dirty, while most people wear clothing that they will eventually throw away or old clothes, feel free to style up your fit for this type of event. I usually cut mine into cute styles.



*The shorts I’m wearing here, used to be leggings that I cut* 

Here are some places to shop if you run out of ideas.


$$$$ – $$$

$$$ – $$ 

$$ – $ 


  • Agent Provocateur
  • Allure Swimsuits
  • Asherah Swimwear
  • ASOS
  • Benoa Swim
  • ByChanBett
  • Caribbean Elite
  • Chandra Maharaj
  • Chanel Moore
  • Color Swim
  • Coco Knel
  • DeepEnd
  • DTS by Daniela Stone
  • Icon Swim
  • Ishine365
  • Frankie’s Bikinis
  • Jae Jolly
  • Hot Kandii Swim
  • Kaoh’s Swim
  • Keisha Als
  • Kevaj
  • Marie Collette
  • Miakalani Swim
  • Mint Swim
  • Moana Bikini 
  • Montce Swim
  • OhPolly
  • Plumeria
  • Rebel Swim
  • Rhion Rhomany Swim
  • Riot Swim
  • Suga Apple Swim
  • Swimsuits by Shiv
  • Weekend Swim
  • Winifred Taylor Swim
  • VDM Label i
  • Vivre by Chelsea
  • Zaful

We prepared a guide for the Men also! Carnival veterans, any tips on what to wear to carnival event? Please share below.

Printable Carnival Travel Check-list

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  1. Boatride…make sure flats have traction on the bottom. There could be a lot of boat rocking, spilled drinks, rain, etc. that could make you slip (For example, our boat had a top deck and the floor became slippery when it started to rain, I couldn’t wuk up as much as I wanted to because I was afraid to pop mi rass. Also, water tends to tread on the stairs/deck when your entering/exiting a boat) Be mindful because not much people could make a bad fall look cute. 🙂

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