Planning for Jamaica Carnival 2017

Carnival Chasers and Carnival Virgins alike are planning carnival stops simultaneously for 2017. If you’re like us then you’ve already started planning where to stay, where to go and who to play mas with for Jamaica Carnival 2017.

As we mentioned before, there are several reasons why you should attend Jamaica Carnival, affordability and fun are two reasons.

Jamaica Carnival 2017 events are on the following dates: April 19 – April 24, 2017


Jamaica Carnival is rapidly growing in popularity, as some of the most popular promoters (Caesar’s Army) have brought some of their notable events from T&T to Jamaica. Playing mas and attending fetes in Jamaica is also much more affordable. At a budget of around $1500 – $2000 USD, you can fete to your hearts desire then go home.

Based on our experience, this is a list of the best carnival fetes in Jamaica. We have prepared a Jamaica Carnival 2017 Fete List for easy purchasing.

  • I Love Soca Fete
  • Friday Night Blocko
  • Caesar’s Army AMBush
  • Sunrise Breakfast Party
  • Vale Vibe Jamaica
  • Scorch Duck Work
  • Candy Coated Break
  • Bazodee Frenchmen Fete
  • Atlantica


2017 promises to be different –Bacchanal Jamaica was the only band for an extended period of time, Jamaica now has four band options for those of you looking for a different experience. Backline costumes can cost you about $300-$400usd, while a frontline costume can cost you about $600-$1000usd, depending on the band of your choice.

  • Costumes can be purchased through Prices range from $280 – $700 in a variety of colors and styles. They launch on January  7
  • Xodus Carnival launched on December 14. Registration is now open
  • Jamaica Carnival is a revamped band that plans to launch on January 17
  • Xaymaca International  promises to be the most luxurious carnival experience in Jamaica. They launch on January 21

Most of the reputable hotels are in a section of Kingston called New Kingston.  Some hotels to check out are,  Spanish Court, The Jamaica Pegasus and Courtleigh, located about 5 minutes away from the old Bacchanal Jamaica Mas Camp.  AirBnB is also an option for apartment rentals if a hotel reservation will not fit your needs.

Be mindful of the neighborhoods you might stay in and walking outside at night – Kingston can be dangerous. I highly recommend using notable taxi services and/or hired drivers for your transportation to and from parties.

Jamaica Carnival Highlights 

Is there anything else you need to know? Contact us!

Yours in Mas

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  1. Will be my first time. Hope it’s as good as Trinidad. Anyone can provide me with the best bands to play mas with and where to stay will be greatly appreciated.

    1. I hope Jamaica Carnival is as good as Grenada’ s one. But then again Jamaica has one of the best music in the world.

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