INTERVIEW: Dynasty Carnival Band, St. Lucia Carnival 2017

As the 2017 Carnival Season ramps up, carnival bands are launching full speed ahead with their creative designs, amenities and talented teams. We lucked up on being able to interview Dynasty Carnival, powered by Team Asari. The band is scheduled to launch on January 27th. Lucky for us they have already released some teaser photos that we’re able to share with you.


Here is what Marianetta Thomas, Section Manager from Team Asari, had to say.

GC: How long have you all been working on starting Dynasty Carnival ?

Team Asari was conceptualized in August of 2016. A group of young, driven & vibrant individuals who recognized a need for an overhaul in entertainment and activity for an upcoming generation.  Fantasy Fridays was the first chapter launched under the Asari umbrella & quickly became a staple event, as party goers flooded Rodney Bay, the entertainment capital of St. Lucia, to be entertained by the island’s best DJS and Artiste.

Team Asari launched Chapter 2 “Dynasty Carnival” powered by Team Asari, a carnival band birthed out of the team’s ideology that it is “your vibe” that ignites “our vibe”; this creates the “Asari vibe”

GC: What inspired Team Asari to create their own band? And what inspired the name?

The inspiration for a band always existed, what type of band it would be was always the question, Dynasty was breathed into life by the dynamic makeup of the team, and to build a Dynasty you need multi-talented warriors. The name Asari was derived from a Tribe named Asaro which remained undiscovered for almost 1000 years. Asari for the team however equally stands for A Spectacular Atmosphere | Releasing Intensity.



GC: How many masqueraders are you expecting or hoping to play in Dynasty Carnival?

Time will tell…LOL, our ambition is not driven by numbers rather than having persons who want enjoy Lucian carnival to the maximum!

GC: What makes Asari stand out from bands that are already established?

The philosophy, the band is all about the revelers, your energy, your vibe, your safety, your experience, Dynasty Carnival is the pillar used to deliver this.

 GC: Can you let us know who you plan on having on the design team?

The team was key on quality and innovative designs, after liaising with a number of regional designers, the Team naturally fell in love with the work of Janelle Forde of Jin Forde, Bajan designer, her work was in line with our thinking, cutting edge, fashion infused, designs which make you take a second, third and fourth look.

Kimberly Charlery of K Cha, a designer with unique ideas and an eye for fashion beyond the status quo, Kim delivers on the bands ideas superbly.

Giland Avril delivers pieces that truly make the band unique and the final product is designed to enhance the revelers natural beauty.

Raferty Intimates are a staple in monokinis, bikinis and more, and their work will be seen throughout the band’s collection.


GC: What are you looking forward to for St. Lucia Carnival 2017?

To deliver on the Team’s objectives, to see revelers laughs and smiles are our ultimate goals and to have you [the global carnivalist], experience your very first Lucian Carnival!

We’re so excited to see Dynasty Carnival on the road; god willing, we’ll be there too. Pre-registration will be open soon, email the team at for more information.

Yours in Mas

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