Carnival in Jamaica returned July 2022, Here’s How It Went

Carnival in Jamaica has been the most impacted carnival product due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When the world shut down in March 2020, carnival in Jamaica was a mere four weeks away from happening. That means, costumes were already produced, cups were ordered and staff secured to host this carnival experience.

By April 2020 the world went to shit so carnival in Jamaica was postponed until October 2020. The world had not healed by then and so it was postponed again. A new date would be announced, that time finally came, more than 2 and a half years later – July 10, 2022.

Despite being smaller this year, Bacchanal Jamaica delivered and allowed us to enjoy the essence of Carnival in Jamaica. The masqueraders who participated were true soca lovers and you could see the euphoria on their faces as they chipped down Old Hope road.

Where I Partied 

Bacchanal Jamaica set out to celebrate 20 years in the business, and dazzled their patrons at each event. Bacchanal’s Premium event kicked off Carnival Wednesday for many. With premium finger foods and delicious cocktails, party patrons danced the night away under the Jamaican summer sky.

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Sunkissed, one of the most anticipated events during the season sailed to Maiden Cay via yacht, where party attendees participated in a beach party on a sand bar. Starting at $160usd, this all inclusive came with food, premium alcohol, a beach bag, packed with a beach towel and a branded hydro-bottle. DJ Jel, King Taj alongside hypemen Patrick and Marlon Musique, entertained party patrons well into sunset. See event photos here 

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Like many I enjoy a themed event, it helps to narrow down outfit options and I love to see everyone’s personality via the outfits they choose to put together.  PreMAS (P.M.) Fete allows you to do just that as the theme changes yearly. For their third installment, the theme was Electric, one could wear rave style or coachella inspired outfits.  For $33usd, this drinks inclusive event was held at Hope Gardens and I really liked the venue setup. Under the night’s sky it looked like we were inside a glowing secret garden. See event photos here

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On Saturday night, we took to the streets of Kingston at Bacchanal J’ouvert. It was lit.  For $90usd, VIP offered drinks and food – and it was delicious. I had festival and Jamaican Escovitch fish. Patrice Roberts and Ricardo Drue headlined the concert segment held at Mascamp; shortly after Travis World and Back 2 Basics kept both music trucks booming while we headed out into the street. I am sure Kingstonians left their beds and joined into the festivities because the streets were packed! Thankfully there were two music trucks to space the crowds out.

After j’ouvert, I took a quick nap so that I could start my spa day at Strawberry Hill. It was my birthday so I needed some rejuvenation and an activity that was not carnival related. My day at this hotel and spa was perfect; I had a calming foot wash, in addition to a relaxing massage then concluded my day of rejuvenation with lunch overlooking Jamaica. After days of partying, relaxing and celebrating my birthday, it was time to get ready for carnival day.

Bacchanal Jamaica and The Road

When Bacchanal Jamaica launched back in 2019, I fell in love with the costume section Yayoi; it was as pretty as advertised. Costume pickup was smooth, I was in and out within 20 minutes due to a functional closeout process. After paying off any balances and picking up your costume, your photo was taken to confirm receipt of your costume. If needed, there was a seamstress available to make adjustments to costumes. Nice touch!

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Carnival day arrived and its time to meet the band. We drove to the car park made available for VVIP masqueraders (this is an upgrade you can make). Bacchanal Jamaica stated they would pull off at 11AM and boy did they mean it. I was late to the band and was astonished at how quickly they had moved. I spent more time chasing them down prior to lunch time, which is when I finally caught up to them. PS: Jamaica is very hot in July omg.

At lunch stop there were chairs and tented areas for masqueraders to relax, as well as several hydration areas filled with water in addition to a makeup station for the ladies to touch up their makeup. I personally enjoyed the VVIP area, set up with catered Chinese food served on plates with banquet style seating. It was the perfect cool down prior to getting back on the road.

The DJs on board played an assortment of music, yes even dancehall. Bar staff worked quickly and I love that the truck bar build was low enough so it did not feel like you were dangling off the side. Bacchanal Jamaica also had a drinks cart within the band if you wanted an option to avoid the drinks truck. As we chipped down the road, water mist trucks cooled us down briefly in the heat. I have not been that hot in a long time, I actually could not continue drinking alcohol, h20 only.  The road experience concluded at 7PM but Bacchanal Jamaica masqueraders had the option of attending a cool down party at the lunch stop. I was super beat from the heat by then so I turned in for the evening.

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I’m happy I got to celebrate 20 years with Bacchanal Jamaica, especially since they are the band that gave me my first taste of Carnival in Jamaica when I came in 2015. Back when events were smaller but much more fun and fete tickets were affordable.

In all, I’m happy Carnival in Jamaica finally got to showcase their 2020 costumes.

Til the next carnival

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